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Fun Excursions Your Whole Family Will Enjoy In The Beautiful Mountains of NC #BlowingRock #Boone

Thank you to Mystery Hill, Doc/s Rocks and High Gravity Adventures for providing memorable experiences for my family. All thoughts shared below are my own.

You've seen my picks for family friendly restaurants in the mountains of North Carolina and now it's time to focus on family FUN in the mountains! Not that eating isn't fun, but you get the idea.

Our first stop on the adventure train is Mystery Hill. This incredible excursion has something for everyone in your family. It's a bit of a "wacky museum" full of interesting occurrences and anomalys.  There is actually a giveaway on Mommy's Block Party this week for 4 tickets to Mystery Hill!

Perhaps what Mystery Hill is most known for is the vortex. It's a gravitational anomaly that you will just need to experience for yourself because I literally cannot put this phenomenon into words. Balls roll up, water flows up and swings swing up. It is just as interesting as it sounds and I encourage anyone to experience it!

Mystery Hill has so many fun activities and attractions that will keep your entire family engaged all day. My little guys absolutely loved the unique gift shop and I may or may not have spent way more than I planned to on gift shop goodies!

Before entering, we were given a short presentation by a staff member who explained all about Mystery Hill and how it came to be. He also walked us through the museum and explained many of the attractions.

As you progress through Mystery Hill, there is a giant bubble room, a fossil exhibition and many interesting events you will try to understand! My little guys were fascinated by the fossils and attention grabbing set up!

Mystery Hill is fun for the entire family. There is so much to see that I cannot possibly show you every aspect or this blog post would be far too long! You do NOT want to miss a visit to Mystery Hill the next time you come to Blowing Rock, NC.
Here is the pricing breakdown for Mystery Hill. Check the blog this week and enter to win four tickets to Mystery Hill!

Directly next door to Mystery Hill is Doc's Rocks Gem Mining. This is a family favorite of ours and we look forward to seeing what gem stones we will come home with every year.

Doc's Rocks also has an amazing gift shop where you can purchase an endless array of gem stone gifts and so much more. We had a wonderful time "sluicing" our findings. Once we had all of our stones, a friendly staff member explains in detail which gem stones we found.

There is also a coffee shop attached to Doc's Rocks for when mom and dad need that little pick-me-up after hours of fun with the kiddos!

The next stop on our weekend mountain adventure was High Gravity! This was our first year experiencing High Gravity and it will definitely not be our last. Because my little guys are on the smaller side, we stayed in the "kid zone" of the ropes course. I would just like to say, that was enough of a thrill for this mama!

If you think you may be too fearful to give High Gravity a try, I would really encourage you to go for it. I was not sure how I would handle this and to be honest, I felt my stomach in my throat as we got started. However, after a few minutes of gathering my bearings, I was able to really focus and work with my family to make it across each obstacle. We cheered one another on, shouted instructions and trusted each other. We left High Gravity with a stronger bond as a family because we overcame some of our fears, together.

High Gravity is a ropes course suspended in the air. We were fitted with a climber harness and were given detailed instructions on how to use our clips. Once we got the hang of it, we were cruising through the obstacle course, high off the ground! When my boys get a little bigger, I can see us advancing to the next level of the course and one day all four of us may just make it to the top!
Pricing: There are many different levels available to purchase and we qualified for the "foothills course" because of my boy's ages. These tickets are $19/pp and go up depending on the excursion.
In addition to the ropes course there is a zipline and giant swing. Prices range greatly so check out ticket information on their website.

The final attraction I want to share with you is an incredible park called "Rocky Knob Mountain Bike Park." Despite the title, you do not need to be a mountain biker to enjoy this park. In fact, we have yet to bring our bikes to this park but still have a blast. The bike trails are incredible and offer so many options with beautiful scenic trails. However, the reason we come to this park is because of the playground!

The playground is basically a lot of different ropes courses with a giant sliding board too. It is perfect for the kiddos. We tend to swing by Rocky Knob after a nice evening out to dinner and let the kids burn off any remaining energy from the day.

I hope you have learned a little something today and perhaps will look into visiting one of these incredible establishments during your next visit to the mountains of North Carolina!


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