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Focus on Women's Health: Combat Vaginal Dryness the Safe & Easy Way with Revaree

This is a sponsored conversation on behalf of Revaree. All thoughts are my own.

As a mom, I feel like I've dealt with it all when it comes to issues surrounding women's health. Complications during pregnancy, an emergency C-section (and then a planned one), and tons of un-fun stuff that every woman's mom should warn her about before a baby comes. I never realized that so many things about my body would change after I had kids... things that would impact my state of mind, the way I looked and felt about my body. and even issues surrounding intimacy and everyday women's health. Today, we're just going to throw the word 'taboo' out the window, because ladies, when it comes to our personal health, it's 100% worth talking about.

My life (and body) has changed a whole lot since these two sweeties came into the picture.

After each of my children were born (the first in 2010 and the second in 2016), I started noticing some serious changes. Not only had I just put my body through the ringer to grow and give life to tiny humans, but I also was soon after facing bouts of anxiety and even mild depression, which while I now know is common in new moms, was completely unexpected at the time. This brought about a lot of challenges, combined with physical side effects that I just wasn't prepared to deal with. Thankfully, tarot for pregnancy is a wonderful resource for those left with questions surrounding their pregnancies.

My husband and I have been married for almost eleven years. We've been the best of friends for nearly twenty years, and have an incredibly deep, loving relationship and connection- emotionally and physically. Intimacy has never been an issue for us, but after going through a lot of hormonal changes after childbirth, I began experiencing something that was completely new, and most definitely unwanted- vaginal dryness.

Revaree, the safe, effective way to combat vaginal dryness.

Did she really just mention the V-word? Girlfriend, before you turn to click away from this post, I urge you to keep reading. I'm not here to give you a TMI glimpse into my life, but I am here to bring the topic of vaginal dryness to the forefront, because it's much more common than you think, and there's an easier, safer, and better way to deal with it. Last year, I attended a conference for Influencers, which focused primarily on women's health, and it truly challenged me to get comfortable talking about vaginal health and wellness. Why? Because it matters... and it's not talked about nearly enough.

If you've ever experienced vaginal dryness, you know it's no picnic. No amount of flowery commercials for women's health will ever change the fact that many of the issues we deal with related to our bodies are just plain un-fun. Dryness is pretty common for women and can affect women of any age, though it is noted to be most common at the onset of menopause. It's painful, uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing depending on how persistent the symptoms are for each individual.

Sure, you could try combating the unpleasantness of vaginal dryness with creams, lubricants, and all that jazz, but guess what? Those products are often messy, and they're a pain to try to use discreetly- whether you're at home or elsewhere. Revaree is different. Made of hyaluronic acid, a moisture-binding molecule naturally found in your body, Revaree safely rejuvenates and moisturizes vaginal tissue, providing lasting, hormone-free relief in an easy-to-use, mess-free vaginal insert.

Real Mom Talk: How to Use Revaree and What to Expect

The older I get, the more aware I am of what I am using on and in my body. I want to know that the products I am using are safe and will be equally effective. I like Revaree for a lot of reasons, but it really comes down to the fact that it's a safe product, and it's super easy to use. 

Every few days, I leave a little note as a reminder on my box of Revaree, which I then see before I go to bed. I leave it right on my nightstand, so I don't forget about it. Insertion takes just a couple of seconds, and it isn't painful or messy, which I so love and appreciate. 

How to use it

Revaree comes in a pack of 10 vaginal suppositories. Using your finger, just place one vaginal insert inside the vagina at bedtime, every two to three days. Once inside the body, Revaree will dissolve. It literally works while you sleep. How easy is that? One box of Revaree is roughly a 4-week supply, and you don't need a prescription for it!

Safe and effective

The main ingredient in Revaree, hyaluronic acid, is safe, effective and side effect free, with results seen in as early as 9 days. The active ingredient is just as effective as the leading prescription hormonal creams when it comes to relieving a range of vaginal dryness symptoms, including dryness, burning, irritation and painful sex. No mess, no fuss, no worrying about product safety with Revaree, and no trips to the doctor to get a prescription. So easy, fast-acting, and convenient!

Another reason to love this product- it's hormone-free. This may not make a difference to you, but for women like my mother, who is a breast cancer survivor, this means everything! It means that she can actually use this product because it doesn't contain hormones. Thank you, Revaree!

Are you ready to give it a go?

I came to point where I was tired of sitting on the sidelines, missing out on the best parts of my life as a wife, mother, or as a woman in general, because of annoying health issues. I am making a huge effort to focus on myself and my own health so I can be present- in my own life, and in the lives of those I love and care about. Don't let the common issue of vaginal dryness keep you from living your very best life. Revaree can help you say goodbye to discomfort, pain, and embarrassment that often comes along with this common women's health issue. You don't have to suffer in silence or sit on the sidelines. Revaree is FDA-cleared and easy to use- start taking control of your health and wellness by kissing vaginal dryness goodbye with Revaree. I'm so glad I tried it, and am back to enjoying the very best things in life!

Get it!

Head on over to Revaree to learn more about this safe, effective, and hormone-free product and to learn more about JDS Theraputics. Revaree is available for purchase through JDS Womens Health for $40.00/box. You can save $5.00 off of your first subscription with the code REVAREE5. You can find more savings for women's health at CouponAnnie.com.

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Okay, be real with me here... share your thoughts on this topic or on Revaree in the comments or on MBP social media. Let's stop being shy when it comes to talking about women's health!

Time to take care of yourself!

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  1. I love how easy these are to use! I am so glad there are products out there for such personal issues as this! I will definitely look into Revaree!


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