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Fall Traditions: Don't Miss Out On Making Memories

Fall is here, fall is here! I am doing a little happy dance this morning because it actually feels like fall! For the past few weeks, it's still been hovering around 90 degrees outside each day. So gross! After Hurricane Florence blew through NC, she brought about lots of flooding, resulting in a lot of standing water and humidity, along with giant swarms of mosquitos. I can't seem to get them out of my car! Last week, Hurricane Michael came through our area as a Tropical Storm, and did a lot of damage, but also brought about winds of seasonal change.

Since it finally feels like fall, my family is getting excited for doing fall activities. You know the kind... pumpkin picking, painting, and carving, sitting around a bonfire and roasting marshmallows, evening walks, park playtime, trips to the local farms, and more!

I used to think that if I made a list of all of the fall activities I wanted to do with my family, and planned out each little thing, they'd all get done, and everyone would be thrilled. Over the years, I've learned not to over-plan, because they just won't pan out the way I want them to.
Instead, I've learned to go with the flow and focus on one or two things that I know my family will enjoy. The rest can be spontaneous, and that way, those little excursions or activities wind up being big surprises and more fun for everyone!

Here are a few simple ways to enjoy the fall season with your family...

Carving pumpkins is an annual tradition for our family.

Pumpkin time!

Don't skip the pumpkins. If you only do one fall-ish thing this year, let this be it. Take the kids to a farm or pumpkin patch and let them pick out their own pumpkin. For little ones, pumpkin painting is a ton of fun! For older kids, carving is an adventure! Pumpkin carving is actually a lot of fun at any age- just be sure to help younger kids and keep sharp knives or carving tools away from their reach. Toddlers love painting and pie pumpkins are just the right size for them to enjoy.

Bonfires and marshmallows go hand in hand!

Bonfires bring families together

A lot of families own their own fire pits, which makes it so easy to cozy up by the fire (safely) outdoors. There's something magical about watching the flames dance around and feeling the warmth from a bonfire on a cool evening. Keep ingredients for s'mores on hand, and you'll have an instant activity for the whole family to enjoy. Our latest bonfire was really special because B's Great Grandpa Willi helped him roast his marshmallows for the s'mores. This made for a great photo, and I'm so happy I took this picture. Fire pits are fairly inexpensive, and you can grab one on Amazon for a pretty reasonable price if you don't have one already.

Simple treats like these are so easy and fun for kids to make!

Make fall treats

A craft and snack in one! Themed treats are always a big hit with my kids, especially when they're able to make them and then eat them! These Pumpkin Patch Graham Squares were a huge hit with my kiddos, and so easy to make, not to mention tasty!

Don't miss an opportunity to take pictures!

Take the pictures

When I was leaving a retreat a couple of weekends ago, fall decor magically appeared, and naturally, I thought it was the perfect spot to grab a quick photo of the kids. Did my toddler hop off of the hay bale ten times while my oldest kept putting his hood over his head and face? Yes. Take a bunch of quick shots and you're bound to end up with a good one. I'm framing this one!

I'm not making a bunch of other plans for the fall. I'm just going to kind of play things by ear and enjoy the moments we're able to experience together as a family. Fall is already off to a great start for us. I can't wait to see what's next.

What are some of your family's fall traditions? Be sure to tell me about them in the comment section!

Happy fall, Y'all!

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