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Don't Sit Your Next Adventure Out: Take Control & Enjoy Life with the ApexM

I partnered with InControl Medical on this sponsored post. All thoughts are my own.

It seems like every time I turn around, we're celebrating a milestone within our family. Birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, and special moments in life. These are the moments we live for, our continued hope and joy is to share these moments with the people we love and care for. I'm no stranger to missing out on the fun and excitement of life sometimes, though. Thanks to things like pregnancies, and aging through the natural course of life, I've experienced something that most women encounter at some point in their lives- weakened pelvic floor muscles. You, too? Keep reading, sister!

Can we be real with each other? If you're like me, you've probably dealt with the annoying, sudden & strong urge to 'go' more times in life than you can count. My kids think it's hilarious when mommy starts doing the 'pee-pee dance' when washing the dishes or running the bath water. That's something my toddler (who is in the midst of potty training) should be doing, right... not me?

Ever been sitting in the middle of your child or grandchild's school concert or event and missed their song or scoring the winning goal because you just had to go? Been there. It's frustrating to go from a healthy, fit and active young adult soaring into motherhood, only to be left with weakened pelvic floor muscles, which many women have trouble restrengthening throughout the rest of their lives.

The ApexM Can Give You Your Confidence Back

The ApexM by InControl Medical is a medical device which works to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time.

Life doesn't have to be filled with 'oops' or worrisome moments, ladies. If you're tired of being tied to your house because you're worried you won't be able to find a restroom, or you're over wearing pads or pantyliners every day for the rest of your life, the ApexM is for you!

I've been a mom for eight years and got really tired of bladder leakage and the sudden urge to go at the worst possible moments. When I first heard about the ApexM, I was a little skeptical, and if I'm honest, a little nervous about using this type of device at home, on my own (I'm gonna do what with that thing!?). Now it's important that I mention that I religiously did my Kegal exercises during both of my pregnancies, and afterward. I felt that they just weren't working for me, and I needed to do something else to work toward strengthening those pelvic floor muscles to combat the problems I was facing with bladder leakage and that near constant urge to go.

How Does It Work?

If you're asking yourself, 'What is that thing?' I would encourage you to check out this informative post about the ApexM and how to safely and properly use it. This handy medical device is available without a prescription or visit to your doctor's office. That's right- you can make the decision (today) that you want to take control of your personal health and take steps toward improving your quality of life with the ApexM.

Everything that you need to work toward strengthening your pelvic floor muscles at home comes with the ApexM. This device is safe and comfortable to use and works toward strengthening your pelvic floor muscles over time. In just a few minutes a day, you can be on your way to worry-free adventures!

The ApexM kit comes with the ApexM device, conductive gel, a handy travel and storage drawstring bag, as well as informational materials, and an instructional DVD. I would highly suggest watching the DVD before you attempt to use the ApexM for the first time. I was glad that I took the time to watch it, so I could be guided through the process. It helped me to feel much more confident and relaxed when I used the device the first few times.

I Never Travel without My ApexM

One of the things that I love about the ApexM is that it doesn't take up a lot of space, and I can use it at home or when I'm traveling. As long as I have a comfortable, private space where I feel relaxed, I can strengthen my pelvic floor muscles at home or on the go.

Before using the ApexM device for the first time, I washed it, read through the instructions provided (yes- even after watching the DVD), and tried to turn my bedroom into a super relaxing space, simply by cleaning it up a bit, and lighting a candle. I cleared my mind, focused on my goal (to strengthen those muscles and say goodbye to leaks), and then followed the instructions to use the device. 

It's so simple to use the ApexM. The first step is to empty your bladder, and then line down in a comfortable position. Use the conductor gel, as directed, and gently insert the device (make sure it's turned off until properly inserted). Next, inflate the device until it feels snug, but comfortable. You can deflate it if you over-inflate and feel uncomfortable. It's super easy to adjust. From there, turn the device on, and use the up and down arrows to adjust the stimulation level. This part takes a little trial and error, but I got the hang of it in no time, and you will, too. Follow these simple steps for self-guided contractions as you work toward strengthening your pelvic floor.

Be sure to follow the directions when you're ready to remove the device. You'll need to press the air release button to deflate the device before removing it from your vagina. Give it a wash, dry it completely, and then store it in the drawstring bag. I keep mine tucked away in a little cubby by my bedside, so I don't forget to use it before I go to sleep. I typically use my ApexM 3-4 times a week and have seen a significant improvement in the strength of my pelvic floor muscles in just a few months of using this amazing device.

Let's Get Out There and Live Our Lives

Ready to head off on my next adventure, and my ApexM is coming along!

When my husband mentioned back in early September that he wanted to take his cousins on a river tubing trip down the French Broad River, I knew that I didn't have to be concerned over the fact that it's a 2.5 hour trip down the river in an inner tube, with no place to stop and use the restroom. Months ago, I would have said no to this type of adventure. Why? Rushing waters, splashes, lots of bumps, and no place to stop and go. I just wouldn't have felt comfortable (and trust me- your tush gets wet in those tubes, and no one wants to float down the river for 2.5 hours in a soggy pad!).

I felt confident and comfortable on that river tubing trip. I emptied my bladder before we got on the river, and was perfectly fine during the whole trip. It was so much fun, and I never once felt the urge to go. I was able to laugh, engage in conversation with people I love, and fully enjoy the memory we were in the process of making.

Our trip was an over-nighter, so I was able to discreetly use the ApexM for a few minutes while I had some time to myself. No worries, no mess, no fuss. We've had lots of adventures lately- four trips to the mountains in just the past three months! All of them have been amazing trips with long car rides, time spent in nature on the river or on walks, and even days spent at theme parks. I've never enjoyed these special trips more since becoming a mom. I'm so glad that I took a shot in the dark and gave ApexM a try. Now it's just part of my routine to use it a few times a week, and I feel like a whole new person with a new lease on life. I owe plenty of thanks to ApexM for giving me my confidence back. I'm not missing out on another single moment!

Where Will Your Next Adventure Take You?

 I can't believe that I could have missed out on this incredible day with these wonderful people I love!

Ready to stop sitting on the sidelines? Jump back into life and get your confidence back with the ApexM by InControl Medical! I am so pleased with the results I have seen since I started using the ApexM. I'm actually incredibly thankful for it and plan on using it indefinitely. My quality of life has vastly improved and I feel like I'm back in the game for good!

Want it? Get it!

Curious about the ApexM? Interested in giving it a try and kissing bladder leakage goodbye?
Head on over to InControl Medical to learn more about the ApexM, and how you can take control over your life again. You can chat with a specialist on the InControl Medical website or call 1-877-973-0422. To reorder gel for use with the ApexM, visit the InControl website.

*ApexM is the only FDA cleared at home medical device for the treatment of stress, urge (OAB) and mixed incontinence. 100,000 women have solved their bladder leakage by choosing InControl Medical products.

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My ApexM journey continues right here on the MBP blog and on MBP social media. Be sure to follow along and join the conversation!

Have you missed out on important moments or adventures in life due to your struggles with bladder leakage? What types of things would you love to do if you never had to worry about bladder leakage or OAB again? Let's chat about it in the comments!

Adventure is calling... will you feel confident enough to answer?


  1. I need to look at something like this. One of the "downsides" of being a mom...the urge to go!

    1. You know, it's just one of those things that Inever really gave a whole lot of thought to. I was completely unaware how much my body would be changed after pregnancy. I had c-sections with both of my kids, but labored many hours with the first, and pushed for a long time before they went the c-section route... and yes, it absolutely affected my bladder. A second pregnancy just added to that. Plus, weak bladders run in my family among the women. This device has helped tremendously, whereas exercises on my own did not. I am so happy to have found a solution that works for me, and I'd definitely encourage you to give it a try!

  2. I am fortunate that I don't suffer with bladder weakness even after 3 kids, but this looks like a fab idea for someone that does suffer with it


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