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Animal Packers: The Perfect Bag for Your Little One

Thank you to Animal Packers for the product. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you have any children like mine, they like to be independent. Hendrix is now 3 so he's wanting to do more on his own and help us more with chores. He had a play date with his Ppa and wanted to take his Animal Packers so he packed the necessary items: cars and binoculars. I added the other essentials and off he went. Since then, Hendrix has wanted to take this bag with us every time we go somewhere. It is lightweight and the perfect size for the little ones.
Of course this innovative idea was first inspired by a child. Debra is the designer behind the unique and practical Animal Packers. Debra's granddaughter wanted her to make a lion backpack to fit her doll. After making it and toying with other animal ideas, Debra followed the creating process. She now sells a variety of animal designs with Animal Packers. Rocket, the dog, is the main Animal Packer and the one Hendrix received and just loves. 

Animal Packers backpacks are ethically made and are BPA, Phthalate and PVC free. The bag is pretty perfect for Hendrix right now as a just-turned 3 year old and he'll be able to use it for a little while. My favorite feature of Animal Packers is that it is machine washable (and has a handy care bag)! With flu season upon us, I wash and disinfect constantly. 

You'll also love the:
-weight (2/3 pound!)
-little compartment on the front
-space for a water cup or bottle
-padded, adjustable shoulder straps

The intended maximum weight is 5 pounds. It's no wonder Animal Packers' business is doing so well with the extremely well planned design.

Yes, he even has to wear it in the grocery store. 

Want it? Buy it!

Buy an Animal Packers bag right now and use the code MBParty37SN for 15% off the regular price of $38.00. Austin Bat is the October special selling for $34.00. Rocket and Austin Bat both come in 4 different colors. If you'd like another animal, there are still 5 more you can choose.

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Which Animal Packers bag would your little one(s) like?

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