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Zip, Zip Horray! Easy Storage Solutions from Zizzy Bee Bags #MBPBacktoSchool18

Thanks to Zizzy Bee Bags for providing me with product to facilitate my post. All thoughts are my own.

By now, we're officially into September, and boy is our overall family schedule different. Though I'm still self-employed as mom blogger extraordinaire, I'm working outside of my home for the first time in ten years! I'm no longer home all day to pick up little messes (bless my sweet husband- he's such an amazing hubby and dad), or spend large chunks of time organizing items like clothes and toys. Everything still needs to be in its place, be accessible to grab for school or last-minute outings, and easy for little helpers to hold onto. I have the perfect little bags to get the job done and can't wait to show them to you!

Bags, bags, bags- we all have them, and probably in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. I have started reducing the amount of large bags that we have used for years, and am leaning more toward smaller bags that are multi-purpose and can be easily packed or toted around.

Zizzy Bee Bags is helping parents and caregivers cut out the clutter and simplify everyday life with their durable, washable, and reusable bags!  Pretty genius, eh? These cool little bags come in multiple sizes, have a zipper closure, and a handy carry strap or hanger. They're so easy to use, even my two-year-old can store her little toys in these bags!

Multi-Sized Bags for All the Things

So many sizes, so many uses!

Zizzy Bee Bags are the perfect solution for organizing clothes, toys, packing snacks, etc. The bags are polyester, so they're breathable and washable. The various sizes allow you to store different sized items or group things together as needed. I have loved having these bags for a couple of weeks, and have already found so many uses for them... so many, in fact, that I'm going to have to purchase some additional bags!

Say no more to LEGOs on the floor!

I love LEGO and DULO bricks. Really, I do... but storage is sometimes an issue. We have over 5 very large bins holding various bricks and base plates. They're brought out on a daily basis between my daughter and son, and often left on the floor. Ouch! They are not fun to step on. My kids love to bring their bricks on trips, too, and we've found that it's so helpful to store set pieces in individual bags. The smaller Zizzy Bee Bags are perfect for small toys like these! The kiddos can pack their own bricks when we're getting ready to go somewhere, and they each have their own bag to look after. Easy peasy!

So easy to use, my toddler can clean up and store her little toys by herself. Dumping them out and putting them back in the bag is half the fun!

We've also stored doll clothing and accessories in our Zizzy Bee Bags! It's a great way to keep specialty doll items together if you don't want them to get mixed up with other toys. The bags are brightly colored and have fun designs along the edges, so you can choose specific bags for each child- trust me, there won't be any fighting over them this way!

Perfect for packing!

Use the Zizzy Bee Bags as organizers for small clothes, accessories or toiletries when packing!

I tend to be sort of obnoxious when I pack for a trip. I lay everything out, and then organize each family member's belongings. The Zizzy Bee Bags make it incredibly easy for me to pack an outfit for Bean, or items like undies and socks for B, my jewelry, beauty care items, etc. The possibilities are really endless!

They're even great for the car! Just pack your child's belongings into one of the bags, and put it within reach in the back seat. We like to pack a snack, activity, and book or small toy for each of the kids. No fighting over anything, and no incessant whining or crying for mom or dad to 'give me' this or that!

Want them? Get them!

Our family loves Zizzy Bee Bags because they're practical, convenient, and affordable. They also help us reduce waste since we're not using and throwing away plastic storage baggies. They're durable and can withstand messes. Just toss them into the wash for a quick clean-up!

You can learn more about Zizzy Bee Bags on their website.
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Special thanks to Zizzy Bee Bags for allowing me to share about their wonderful storage bags! Be sure to check them out and look for them in our 2018 Back to School Guide!

What would you like to put in these amazing little bags?

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  1. Wow, these look great for all of those little things that usually get packed in plastic bags. Such a neat idea. I'm gonna have to get some of these!


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