Weekends with the Wigglesworths- Hooray for Long Weekends!

Happy Saturday and first day of September, friends! If you visited the blog earlier this week, you may have read in one of my posts that the girls went back to school on Monday! It was a pretty great week overall, but I'm really glad that it's the weekend, especially because it's a long one!

Tired as a Mother!

The girls have fallen right back into the school routine, but this Mom is beat! I'd love to spend the day catching up on some sleep, but I'm going to be catching up on laundry since our dryer died (again) last Sunday and we had to wait on a part to come in so Matt could fix it. Then, after some laundry, we will be heading to the field for R's first soccer game of the season! She's pretty excited and so are we!

Things Are About to Get WILD!

Tomorrow Matt is taking the girls to a birthday party at the zoo! I thought it would be nice for them to have some time to hang out without me since he always works and I always get to spend time with them. Plus, there is a small part of me that is enjoying the fact that he will get to experience bringing both girls to a birthday party. 
Honestly, though our girls are so great and birthday parties aren't all that bad. However, when you are the one that takes the kids to a majority of the birthday parties throughout the year, knowing that there is one you won't have to attend is pretty darn fantastic. 

The Extra Day...

So, Monday is our "extra" weekend day. There is nothing planned and I might just keep it that way. I know for sure we won't be able to visit the library or our favorite indoor trampoline park since both have announced they will be closed on Monday. If the weather is nice enough, maybe we'll pack a picnic and head to the park. Or, maybe we'll visit some waterfalls close to us that we've been wanting to see. 

I hope you have a great weekend!

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