Tips for De-stressing After a Hectic Day

It happens to the best of us. Sometimes things can get overwhelming no matter how organized you are. A day can very quickly go from being a chilled out one to suddenly being piled high with chores, errands, and work demands. Maybe your kids suddenly need new costumes for a school play or have decided to bring over a dozen friends you need to cook for. Meanwhile, your husband is complaining that he needs new clothes for a business trip, and apparently, you're the only one who can complete this task.

If you're dealing with demands from work on top of all of this, it can be very difficult to switch off after a busy day and actually just relax. Forgetting about the stresses of the day is key to living a healthy and contented lifestyle, so everyone should be equipped with their own switching off strategy. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Pamper Yourself

When you have so many responsibilities, it can sometimes feel indulgent just to look after your own mind and body. However, a little bit of me-time is absolutely vital for anyone, and you should always be proactive in booking out a chunk of your daily life for a bit of pampering. This can many forms; perhaps start by having a nice long bath before going for a relaxing skincare routine, and maybe eating some tasty food. Try and pick some relaxing and interesting activities to keep your mind occupied during me-time. Many busy women like to do things such as writing a blog post or settling in for some online clairvoyant readings, so they can hear about their future from a sympathetic stranger with psychic skills. Dedicating some time solely to your own self-care will leave you feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for anything. 

Swerve Screen Time

Once you've had a bit of me-time, you should try and have a block of the day where you stay away from the screens. We are constantly bombarded with information from our phones and computers, all of which can completely overstimulate the brain and make it difficult to actually relax. Try switching off all of the technology in the house for an hour, and you'll soon find that your head feels clearer and calmer than it did before. 

Do Something Enriching

Rather than dedicating your downtime to something completely passive like watching television or scrolling through Twitter, you should use this precious time to engage with your passions and hobbies in order to enrich your life and improve yourself. Try reading one of those classic novels you've been meaning to forever, or creating some art, learning a language, or trying your hand at meditation. Happiness and wellbeing take work, and the small effort of engaging in something useful will prove much more mentally rewarding than lying on the couch feeling completely burnt out.

While we all feel overloaded from time to time, effectively switching off and focusing on the important things in life is not as difficult as it may seem - all it takes is some proactive planning and assertiveness on your part, as you deserve this time to focus solely on yourself. 

What are some of your favorite ways to de-stress?

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  1. I love having tea when I'm stressed or waiting late at night to have a bath with a Lush bath bomb.


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