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Fall is one of the times during the year that I love to really get focused on my home. As much as I love to decorate, when you're living in a small space, it can be difficult to make it feel like a posh, modern, yet cozy space to relax and entertain when it has to be multifunctional and family friendly. From a design standpoint, I try to focus on pieces that tie in well with our home's style, and yet help us achieve an eclectic look. makes it so easy to outfit your home for any season, and they're always running amazing specials and daily deals. They have such a fantastic selection of sleek and modern home furnishings and accessories at affordable prices that I am always on their site, making my shopping list for future home projects or even gifts.

Take a look at the products that are on my Fall Wishlist from

Wooden Potting Bench

I am a gardener at heart, and this beautiful wooden garden bench is not only pretty to look at, it has all of the storage space needed to house pots, gardening tools, extra soil, and more. I also love that it has side hooks for gloves or to hang other tools as needed.

Wooden Outdoor Swing

I love to spend as much time outside as possible during the fall, just enjoying the cooler air. A wooden swing is a great way to relax, and this particular outdoor wooden swing is perfect for two people. Place it outside in the yard for a little escape from the everyday! I just want to sit and sway on this swing with my husband or my kiddos! That's the stuff that makes life so wonderful- spending time together.

Electric Fruit and Veggie Blender

We are on the go so much during the fall season! I have fallen into the terrible trap of skipping meals because I am so rushed in the mornings, especially. I have decided that I want to be better and just throw together quick smoothies in the mornings, which this awesome electric fruit and veggie blender will help make happen! Just pop in some frozen fruit and veggies and blend with a little milk to make a delicious smoothie that you can take with you- anywhere!

Air Fryer

I have been seeing so many people posting about the benefits of air fryers lately. My hubby and I love tailgating-type foods like chicken wings, cheese sticks, etc... but eating so many fried foods is bad for our health. An air fryer helps to cut out the bad stuff, and focus on the good! We're looking forward to cooking up lots of yummy snacks for football games and gatherings in an easy to use air fryer this fall and holiday season!

Cordless Vacuum

We focus a whole lot on cleaning up and cleaning out our cars during the fall season. After the summer, our poor cars look like they've been through a lot, especially with two kids who love to make messes in the car. A handy cordless vacuum that can be quickly recharged is a lifesaver for cleaning up small messes at home or in the car. You wouldn't believe the number of crumbs we wind up with in the back seat! This little vac is a time and sanity saver for parents everywhere!

Wooden Shoe Bench

A wooden shoe bench has been on my wishlist for a long time, and I am so happy to have found one that looks so nice and has lots of storage space! This is truly something we need on our back porch. It's the perfect spot for the kids to sit down and remove their shoes before entering the house from the driveway or backyard. It also helps to keep shoes well organized, rather than scattered about the porch.

Outdoor Fire Pit

I love this fire pit so much! My husband and I keep seeing friends posting about their fire pits and outdoor escape areas in their yards, and we've been so envious! I would love to create a beautiful outdoor space to be enjoyed by family and friends, just sitting around and enjoying a warm and cozy fire on a cool evening. It looks and sounds so relaxing to me! This fire pit is wonderful! I love the square design, the height, as well as the covering, which helps to keep everyone safe.

Cool Mist Humidifier

My kids and my husband become so congested once the seasons change. They all have terrible allergies and we really have to rely on humidifiers running in our home to help everyone breathe properly once the leaves start to fall. I love this cool mist humidifier because it's so sleek and modern. It ties in perfectly with just about any decor and it's easy to use with the touch of a button!

Adjustable Basketball Hoop

My kids and I spend a ton of time together outside during the fall. We love to play, and my son has recently expressed an interest in basketball. We don't have a ton of space, so this adjustable and portable basketball hoop is perfect for us. We can bring it out when we're ready to play and easily store it when it's not in use. Plus, the height is adjustable, which means that we can use it now and for years to come as both of the kids grow.

Pink Dollhouse

As much as we love to play outside this time of year, we also love to spend time playing and learning indoors. My son had a wooden superhero house when he was little and absolutely loved it! I have had a dollhouse on my wish list for my sweet daughter. I had a dollhouse when I was little and loved playing with it so much! This wooden dollhouse is so cute! It has everything from several rooms with furniture to a working elevator! What little girl wouldn't absolutely love this house?

There you have it! These are the products I can't see myself living without this fall from one of my favorite online stores! I could spend all day putting together more wishlists, and I'm sure I'll have another one ready to share with you soon!

Visit for even more great ideas for fall home and garden products!

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