Get Into the Car of Your Dreams by Following These 3 Steps

Recently, a friend of mine was in the market for a new car. The car he had is one that he'd been driving for several years. It was still in great condition and was well-loved. For years, it took him to the places he needed to go, and offered wonderful features, while keeping him safe. It was a practical car that wasn't really anything fancy, but one that he loved all the same. When it came time to look for a new car, he was looking to trade in and trade up, and wasn't willing to settle for just any old car. He wanted something stylish, sporty, and classy, and believe it or not, was able to score the car of his dreams without breaking the bank.

We've all been there... driving and holding onto a vehicle because it's reliable, still works, it's paid off, and gets us where we need to go. If you've ever felt like you were ready to make a change, though, and could choose any make/model you wanted, which would you choose?

I was recently introduced to an amazing car, which was completely new to me, and left me drooling over it in the parking lot. To words- Alfa Romeo. This sleek, stylish and high-class make is absolutely stunning! When my friend rolled up in his new car and was offering to give my husband a ride in his Stelvio, he jumped at the chance. This is one sexy and stylish SUV! I never thought I would want to drive an SUV vs. a car, but I would take this one in a heartbeat!

Whew- that SUV! And good news for anyone who prefers to sit low to the ground, Alfa Romeo has gorgeous cars, too. So, how did my friend wind up with this gorgeous vehicle?

3 Steps to Getting into Your Dream Car

#1 Save, Save, Save!

This might seem totally obvious, but it still rings true. When you want something, especially something that might seem a little out of your normal price range, you've got to be prepared to save!
You can do everything from budgeting to collecting loose change to save up for a down payment on a new vehicle. Wear the clothes and shoes you already have instead of buying new ones. If you have to get new apparel, check out thrift stores or consignment stores. Cut your grocery bill by making simple meals with fewer ingredients, and stop going out for coffee, drinks, or going out for meals. You'll be surprised by how quickly you rack up the savings by making small changes.

#2 Take Care of Your Current Vehicle

If you're counting on a trade-in, do your best to take care of the vehicle you're currently driving. Keep it clean- inside and out, and don't skimp on maintenance. You can save money by doing things yourself, like washing/waxing/vacuuming at home, rather than paying someone else to do it. Don't forget regular oil changes, fluid checks, etc. Skipping these can lead to major problems down the road.

#3 Don't Discount the Option to Lease

Think that leasing isn't a good option? You never know- it just might be the best way for you to drive the car you want while being able to afford monthly payments. Be sure to research the lease option and talk with a representative at the car dealership. They'll help you make the best decision for your needs, wants, and budget. Sometimes, the option to lease and then purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease term really is the best option overall!

What's your dream car? An Alfa Romeo is definitely one of mine!

This post brought to you by Alfa Romeo USA of Larchmont

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