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37 years of Me

Today is my 37th birthday and one of the first birthdays that I am looking forward to in a long time.
For many years it was just another day because the thrill of growing older began to not be so thrilling.  The more I age the more my children do and I am not prepared for that yet.  However, this year is different because I am focusing more on what is important in life as opposed to worrying about my age.  It is only a number and I see that now.

To start my birthday I am joining in an activity my husband loves- Running.  We are participating in a 5k today in honor of Police Officers that lost their lives to suicide.  It may sound morbid, but after losing a good friend a year ago this 5k is very important to our family.  This year our friend, D is being honored.  I had only met D a handful of times but the impact of those meetings stay with me.  Today I am honored to participate in a cause that is bigger than myself.

After the race we are coming home to do housework and prepare dinner for the night.  I really wanted my in laws to come for dinner so we could spend quality time together.  This birthday will be special for me and while it may not be a lot of celebration or over the top antics it is exactly what I need this year.

I hope all of you get to enjoy today exactly the way you want.

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