Weekends with the Wigglesworths-

Happy Saturday, friends! It looks like we'll be experiencing another rainy day here in Connecticut, which means this family is on the hunt for a few local indoor activities. There are so many great things we've been discovering in (and near) our city, and I am thankful for the rain giving us the opportunity to explore our area. Here's where things get tricky....

Momma Needs Crowd Control! 

Since we'll be discovering new (to us) places, it's hard to tell how "populated" any one location will be. Of course, I don't mind being around people, but I don't want to feel jammed in an area with a herd of humans, shuffling about because we all had the same idea to visit the same place on a rainy day. It's summer, it's hot, someone (probably me) is bound to get cranky and lose their cool. I only like to eat bananas, not go bananas. 

Where Do We Go? 

The girls are getting more and more vocal about their preferences and sometimes one of them thinks it's a great idea to go to one place while the other wants to go somewhere else entirely. I get really touchy about this because I have 3 sisters and I remember what it's like to feel like your siblings are getting their way more. Even though I think it might just be a part of growing up, I don't ever want D or R to feel like the other one gets preferential treatment. 

One place both girls love, Southford Falls, and we likely won't be able to visit today!

Heading to Cheshire, CT!

It looks like Matt and I will just have to pick the activities and let the girls decide whether or not they want to enjoy themselves. There are a few places nearby to us, in Cheshire, that we've been wanting to check out, including a cartoon museum and an indoor trampoline park. I think that both of these places will be (mostly) enjoyed by both girls. Here's hoping not too many parents have the same idea.

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