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I wish I could say that summertime has been a breeze. When I think back to the summers of my childhood, I remember spending a lot of time playing outside. My kids love to play outside, but the hotter than hot temperatures and scorching sun keep us indoors most of the summer unless we're spending time in a pool.

We want to be outside, but our backyard has very little shade. We have just one lone pecan tree in our backyard, which was trimmed in the wintertime and hasn't branched back out yet. With the extreme heat, it's too dangerous to be out in the sun unless we have some sort of shade. Our patio space isn't very large, and sits on the side of our house. I can't see my kids playing in the yard very well unless I'm sitting in the yard with them. So, we added some patio chairs a couple of summers ago. They're great chairs, but it's unbearable to sit out in the yard without a shade of some sort.

A bright and simple idea

I finally wised up and thought- why not just add a patio umbrella to the spot between the patio chairs in our yard? It seemed like such a simple idea, and I could kick myself for not thinking of it sooner!

We found this perfect patio umbrella at I love their selection of discounted home furnishings, decor, patio and garden accessories, and more! I find great deals each and every time I go to their site, and they're always adding new items and deals.

Our new patio umbrella arrived in two pieces, packaged together.

I was pleased with the packaging and was also glad that I could move the umbrella and set it up without help from my husband. This umbrella doesn't come with an umbrella stand, so you'll need to purchase one of those separately, or use one you already own (which is what I did).

10 ft. Beige Patio Umbrella with crank & tilt option.

To put the umbrella together, I simply connected the pole to the top, and then my son helped me set it in the umbrella stand. He's tall and strong, so it was no biggie for him (he's seven, by the way!). Once we had the umbrella situated in the stand, we placed it and then turned the crank to open it up. I couldn't believe how easy it was to get it open, and was pretty amazed by how well it stayed in place. I've used a fair number of umbrellas which were pretty difficult to open, so this one was a breeze!

The perfect way to give us a little shade in the backyard.

Originally, I thought about putting up a canopy or tent in the yard, but I really dislike the way they look. To me, they belong at picnics or on beaches. This 10 ft patio umbrella gives us a wide span of shade, and makes being outside for playtime much more bearable! We love sitting underneath our new umbrella and reading books, enjoying a picnic snack or lunch together, and just having a good time! It's been perfect so far, and I'll look forward to using it for many more summers. I'd even love to have another one that we can use over on our patio with our outdoor dining set.

Umbrella Features

Brand new and high quality
6 firm steel ribs construction support the canopy stably
Easy tilt operation, hand-crank lift
Ideal for commercial and residential use
Stable for a beach umbrella, sun tent, rain shelter
Steel pole with tilt and crank
Large hexagonal shape measures
UV protective and water repellant
We suggest you do not leave the umbrella open in windy conditions
Can be mounted on stands or middle of the table if holes available

One last note- since this umbrella is tall, and semi-light in weight, we never leave it open. When we're done using it outside, we simply crank it closed. It's been very stormy in the evenings after the heat of the day arrives, and it's been very windy as a result. The wind could easily pick the umbrella up if left open, so just be sure to close it and keep it closed when not in use.

Want it? Get it!

You can find this must-have patio umbrella over at Ships from the US, with Free shipping to the United States via expedited shipping 2-5 business days!
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Where would you choose to use this patio umbrella this summer or fall?

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