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Gear Up for Back to School with Trix Trux #MBPBacktoSchool18

Thanks to Trix Trux for providing me with a sample to facilitate my post. All thoughts are my own.

If your kids haven't gone back to school yet, you're probably in the final days of summer and experiencing a mixed bag of emotions as a parent. For my family, back to school time is always interesting. I have one elementary age kiddo in school already, and then also have a toddler who doesn't start back to school until after Labor Day, and even after she does go back- it's two mornings a week. We still spend a lot of time at home, learning through play with both kids. Screen time is very limited, and we're constantly looking for fun and exciting new toys and activities to help us have lots of learning fun!

My kids are 5 1/2 years apart in age, and though Bean is small, she never misses a beat and wants to be exactly where her older brother is, doing what he's doing. This means that they often play together, and I'm proud to say that fighting is to a minimum. Since Bean loves what her brother loves, she loves to build, and really enjoys checking out cool cars and trucks, and watching her bro teach her how to race them and make them do cool tricks.

Learning fun at home or in the classroom with Trix Trux

This fun set includes everything you need for cool tricks at home! Each Trix Trux set comes with a monster truck, and cool trick accessories and pieces to build custom tracks over and over again. This set is geared toward kids ages 3+, so it's really fun for little ones who are just starting to enjoy playing with trucks and tracks.

Watch your kids use their imaginations to create cool tracks and obstacles for their trucks to overcome! The possibilities are endless with Trix Trux!

Trix Trux monster trucks are four-wheel drive with the ability to roll on endless variations of tracks and obstacles provided with the playset. From zip linesmonster ramps, and tidal wave obstacles, watch and be amazed as to how Trix Trux monster trucks manage to plow on in gravity-defying ways!

Race your trucks! Knock your rival trucks off the tracks! Perfect for the living room, playground, and classroom, Trix Trux is the obstacle course kids will flip out for!

Want them? Get them!

You'll definitely want to ad Trix Trux to your holiday gift idea list for the kids in your life! They're also wonderful sets for classrooms! Trix Trux playsets are now available in-store at Walmart, and online at Trixtrux.com and Amazon for $19.99.

Be sure to look for Trix Trux in our 2018 Back to School Guide!

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