From Outdated To Modern In One Week!

Nobody likes an outdated home, but that’s exactly what some people are having to deal with right now. We might not like it, but we definitely do have to deal with it. Because to most of us, updating a home to make it more modern just seems as though it would cost so much money. But, we’re here to show you why it wouldn’t be. To be modern doesn’t mean to be classy and expensive.
To be modern is to have something new, something that looks in date, and something that you actually like the look of. Something as simple as a new sofa set that will last you years to come is modern, or even just updating your decor from that old wallpaper you’ve had for far too long, to something a little more up to date will do. So, before we reveal all, let’s get on with the article! Here’s how you can go from outdated to modern in one week!

Can Outdated Be Modern?

So, there’s a difference between something looking really outdated and like it needs to be out of the house asap, and an item looking outdated in a way that it looks modern. A lot of modern interior design goes for that old shabby look, and it’s a look that can really suit some homes in a minimalist approach. For example, if you have an old coffee table that has kinks and stains all over it, and is years and years old, consider upcycling it. All you would have to do is sand the whole thing down to remove the paint or colouring, get yourself some wood coloring again to make it a little darker, gloss it, and you could turn it into something fabulous. But, we’re not saying that you should be doing this for every article. There are exceptions that you need to make sure you’re considering, such as whether the item is actually just falling apart. An old bed frame maybe, some carpet, some laminate flooring. If it has got to go, it sometimes just has to go. Only certain items can be transformed and made to be modern!

Decide What Needs To Be Replaced

Deciding what needs to be replaced should be easy. But for those of you who like to hoard a little bit, the task becomes somewhat difficult. If you want to know easily what needs to be replaced, you need to look at things that look out of place. So, if you have a modern look idea in your head, but you’ve got old cloth sofas, then it might be worth transitioning to leather. But, that’s not to say that the sofa has to go to waste. If you visit websites such as, you’ll be able to find a good cause for your old furniture to go to! Carpet is another biggy that we want to discuss. Just because it might not have any stains, it will lose that fluffy and new carpet feeling after a couple of years. As soon as it stops becoming so spongy to walk on, you should definitely consider replacing it. Anything that’s worn out and outdated needs to be considered.

Adding That Modern Splash

Modern comes in all forms, so think about technology, art, new decor, and anything else that you can think of. Take your living room as an example. A new sofa set, some new carpet, some modern art of the wall, and a refurbished coffee table, and the room is going to look brand new. Plus, it can all be done within that vital weeks timeframe!

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