Finally Friday

Are you a mom that works outside of the home as much as you do inside the home like me?  Are you experiencing a case of " Finally Friday"?  This week has been a long one since it's my first week back at work since taking a  week off for a stay cation..  I don't think I could even express how happy I am today is Friday.
After the long week I am opting to spend quality time with friends and family this weekend.  The hubby and I will be going to a Jill and Jill party on Saturday afternoon, having a couples dinner with some friends Saturday night and again on Sunday.

I will be celebrating Finally Friday with a nice glass of wine.  What is your "Finally Friday" treat?


  1. I don't work outside the home, but definitely have a case of "Finally Friday". I wasn't planning on a great, but might just have to now.

  2. I am currently on vacation, but definitely have cases of Finally Fridays during the long workweek. Sometimes I just wish I could relax as much as I do on vacation but we have a busy season ahead at work so have to be ready for that!


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