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Best tips that will help your next mattress purchase

Buying a mattress is much harder than you would expect. There are various factors affecting the purchase and only by being aware of them all, can you pick the right product for yourself.
                Although there are lots of great online mattress reviews pointing you in the right direction, you also need to know what to look for. Things such as material, feel, price, ratings can all play a role when making a decision.
               In order to make an educated purchase, we’ve compiled a list of all the main factors you need to consider. Enjoy!

  • Size
Size is the first and most important thing that needs to be checked. There are basically 6 sizes such as twin, twin XL, full/double, queen, king and California king.

  • Durability
Mattresses are generally known as very durable items. Still, they might vary in terms of life expectancy. Some of them will last for at least seven years while others may last a few years less. Needless to say, this will affect pricing.

  • Firmness
Keep in mind that firmness actually refers to the softness of a product. There is a scale of 1 to 10 that measures this factor. Furthermore, your sleeping position will dictate how firm of a mattress you need. People who sleep on the side usually require softer products while those sleeping on back and stomach need a bit stiffer ones. Individual’s weight also plays a role so lighter people will need lighter mattresses while bigger will require heavier. If a couple is sleeping on it, you should go for a dual-firmness mattress.

  • Thickness
Again, weight plays a big role when determining the ideal thickness of a mattress where lighter people require shorter beds and vice versa. Usually, these products are at least 10 inches long in height. Still, there are also extremes so you can find products that are shorter than 5 inches or longer than 15.

  • Back support
Whether you’re suffering from back issues or not, you need to make sure whether the mattress is providing enough support to your back. Given that you’ll be sleeping on it for years, this is something that can cause issues and affect your health. Support is something that usually decreases over time as mattress gets older if you bought a product made from lighter materials. In that sense, innerspring mattresses are a much better choice long-term.

  • Conforming to your body
It is very important for a mattress to be able to change according to your body’s features as well as sleeping positions. Although there are not much items such as this on the market, they are very much appreciated especially by people suffering from back conditions. If you’re also suffering from pain and discomfort, make sure to find a product that will adapt to you.

  • Isolation
During the night, you will toss and turn a lot. This motion can be felt throughout the mattress and can be a real problem for couples. If you are a restless sleeper, it might affect how your partner is sleeping. So, you will likely have to look out for products with softer layers as they are known to minimize the motion transfer.

  • Heating up
These items are made from various materials. Some of them are really problematic as they tend to heat up at night. As you sleep, they won’t be able to dissipate this temperature progressively heating during the night. As a result, you might wake up feeling really uncomfortable. If you have trouble sleeping due to excess temperature, why don’t you find product types that are more temperature resistant and less prone to heating up?

  • Odor
While this may seem odd, mattresses have their own smell especially when brand new. Usually, this smell will dissipate after a while. In some cases, it may persist. So, this is another thing you have to be mindful of.

  • Noise
Some product types may produce noise as you sleep on them. A common issue that people have with innerspring mattresses is the fact you can hear springs moving during the night. Same goes for airbeds. On the other hand, memory foam and latex are known as noise-free.

Obviously, purchasing a mattress isn’t as easy as it initially seems.
Hopefully, this post will help you out with certain things and point out the most common issues that people are having. Don’t be shy when analyzing products with a salesman; ask all the questions necessary so you can buy a mattress with right features for you.

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