Your baby (and tot) will be happy with Happy Baby!

Thank you to Happy Family Organics for providing product for review. All thoughts are my own. 

There are few things more difficult than a picky baby or toddler. Both of our children were born with a picky palate and it took us many weeks of trial and error to find food that they would eat. Then we tried Happy Family Organics baby products and our babies demand it!

Our son struggled to digest many baby food products but did well with Happy Baby Superfood Puffs because of its gluten-free quality and amazing taste! (We have a difficult time not eating these ourselves). Now that our son is older he graduated to Happy Tot products and our one-year-old daughter is the perfect age to enjoy both Happy Baby and Happy Tot products.

Happy Family set out over ten years ago to establish organic, healthy food for growing babies. Happy Family products include amazing nutrition for both babies, tots, and kids.

Enjoying Superfood Puffs and Creamies 
Our daughter loves the texture of organic creamies. They have just enough crunch to help our teething gums but a creamy, yummy texture that melts in your mouth.

A closer look at size comparison of each product. The right is our son's current favorite, Puffed Ancient Grain Dino Snack.  A house favorite, on the bottom left, purple carrot and blueberry puffs, and top left are our mixed berry probiotic organic yogis. When our babies were just learning to chew we would break the yogis in half just for our personal preference as our babies wanted to swallow them whole because they are soooo good! 

Ancient Grain Dino Snack

Happy Tot Oatmeal (organic apples & blueberries) 

The newest addition to our Happy Family grocery list is Happy Tot Super Morning Bowl. Super Morning Bowl consists of organic apples, blueberries, oatmeal and sprouted quinoa. We have found that it is not only delicious but it fills hungry bellies for a long time, our kiddos rarely ask for snacks once they have Super Morning Bowl.

Want it? Get it!  

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  1. I loved Happy Family products when mine were little! They liked them all, and I loved that they were good for them. :) We never had the chance to try the new morning bowls though, thanks for sharing!


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