Project: #dreambathroom is finally finished!


Is everyone ready to see our dream bathroom revealed? Before I do so, I just want to remind you of what it looked like before. This bathroom was by no means a horrible space. In fact, I've had people tell me the before bathroom is a dream bathroom. I understand that sentiment, but using the bathroom is a different story. 

The bathtub was unusable and nonfunctional for a very long time and for an avid bath-taker, this was just not going to cut it much longer. Baths provide amazing health benefits in various ways and for this reason, we really needed to get our new bathtub soon!

I've said this before, but someone please tell me who has a "traingular-shaped body"? I cannot figure out why anyone would want a bathtub that is in this shape, but maybe I just never figured out the secret to comfortable bathing in a tub this shape!

The cabinets were "pickle" or really just pink and the floor was white with tan grout. The lights were ornate (as was almost everything in this home when we purchased it) and not our taste at all. I've had a lot of fun choosing all of the new design elements for the new bathroom! 

Everything from this point forward is my design and pick. My husband kind of just let me run with it and I did not mind that one bit. He trusts my taste in everything and doesn't have much of an opinion on anything relating to decor or design. This works out magically for me! 

Ok, so enough of the old and let's get to the new! I can't tell you how pleased I am and how thankful for this brand new space and all of the hard work that went into it. 

Welcome to my favorite room in the house.

I LOVE this new bathtub. I can't say that enough. If you have ever wondered about a stand alone tub, let me be the person to tell you that it is amazing. You will love it. Go for it. We actually purchased ours from Amazon as well as the floor faucet. Amazon has a lot of quality products for a fraction of the price as say Lowes or Home Depot. I was hesitant, but we are so thrilled! My husband made a custom built corner shelf for behind the tub that matches the cabinets and is the perfect place for all of my bath essentials. 

The tile has a faux-wood appearance and as hesitant as I originally was about such a tile, I could not love it more. It not only does not show every tiny piece of everything, but it dries quickly and is very textured to prevent slipping. This is important, trust me. I need to get curtains and rugs and also a little wooden bench in front of the bathtub but those things will come in time. This picture shows a glimpse of my makeup room/closet area.

 This bathroom is certainly bigger than any bathroom ever needs to be. This is not lost on me. I fully realize just how extravagant this space is with all of it's rooms and areas. Not pictured is the shower area, the vanity room and the toilet room. 

This home is bigger than we ever anticipated our home being but we really feel the Lord kind of plopped the opportunity into our laps and it has changed our lives for the better every step of the way. Having a space where our twenty plus out of state family members can comfortably visit was a priority for us and this home allows for that. 

That has been such a blessing for us! We hope our little boys make everlasting memories as they grow up here at the plantation and it is our hope that all who visit do as well.

From my porch to yours,



  1. Okay, so I am one of those "it was a dream bathroom before" people, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look.
    That flooring is everything!

  2. Looks great! Thanks for sharing!


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