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How Tulo Mattress Can Help You Sleep Better

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Tulo is a bed in a box that you really get to try before you buy!
After years of relying solely on e-commerce and avoidance of brick-and-mortar stores, it looks like many online sellers are beginning to see the increased value of physical locations.
Enter Tulo, a new bed-in-a-box brand of mattress company that is campaigning for the convenience of choice, its essential selling point. And by the way, it's crazily affordable.

There is no shortage of bed-in-a-box brands hoping to coax customers to sleep, but Tulo believes that its connection to bricks-and-mortar mattress companies and their more than 3,000 locations nationwide will bring added value to their customers.
Instead of asking customers to buy a mattress unseen (or rather, comfort unfolded), Tulo has the added benefit of retail locations where people can actually try a mattress before they buy it (and there is still a 120-day money-back guarantee).
With three different hybrid mattress types, Tulo aims to provide its customers with various options for a good night's sleep. After all, the size of the mattress should not be the only thing you can control when shopping for a place to lie down.
With the simple name of Tulo Soft, Medium and Firm, each of these three mattresses is designed for different types of sleepers.
Soft is best for side sleepers, as it relieves the pressure on the shoulder and hip; you will undoubtedly get the best pressure point relief and support.  
The Medium is best for tummy sleepers – The medium to firm combination of this bed supports the hips while at the same time allowing for adequate ‘sinkage’ for the ribcage; you will find no unnatural curving of the spine on this one.
The Firm was created with back-sleepers in mind – Optimum give for the buttocks and cradling support for the shoulder blades keeping the spine in perfect alignment.
But even if you are not sure which mattress would best suit your needs, you do not have to guess - just go to your neighborhood mattress company to find the right one or visit TopMattress.com for Tulo mattress review.
All Tulo mattresses feature a four-layer design. That is four tiers of peak-preforming foam.
At the bottom, firm high-density foam allows for superior edge support so that you won’t roll to the center of the bed if you are sharing with your partner. Also, you will find it easy to sit on the side of the mattress.
One layer up comes the comfort foam for more added support.
Moving on, the peak-and-valley foam with a surface shaped like an egg carton allows for optimum airflow. It allows for increased breathability in the top layer as it directs hot air to the sides of the mattress and into the bedroom – you can say goodbye to sweaty nights.
The top tier of the Tulo bed is state-of-the-art memory foam. This material is renowned for its superior cradling and body-contouring properties. You will like you are sleeping on a cloud. All you have to do is choose the firmness as mentioned above.        
But perhaps the most impressive aspect is the pricing. The company has always been competitive when it comes to the cost. In comparison, Tulo sells its queen mattress for $650 while Casper sells its version for $950).
But now things are still cheaper.
Tulo has dropped the prices of his king-size mattress and a Queen for the price of a Twin. That means a king-size bed will only set you back $650, while you can get a queen for $375. Shipping is free (you can also opt for a delivery expert to help you unbox and set up your new mattress - they even remove the old one).
All it takes is two days or less, and you will be in sleeping nirvana.

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