How To Make Your Own Vacuum Cleaner

Yes, there is indeed a genius way of creating a vacuum cleaner, using materials found right in your household. I remember doing this for my own science project and my Mom being incredibly proud of me for using it around the house! Use these DIY moments to spend some fun time and engage your children in household cleaning activities.

Best of all, it makes so little noise, that your baby’s slumber wouldn’t be interrupted, nor would it scare your dog. All you need is a few materials and some background scientific knowledge.

The basic technology is very straightforward. You will need to create a system with low-pressure air inside, compared to the higher air pressure outside. The difference in pressure will cause air from outside to be pushed inside the system. In the process, any debris or dust will get sucked inside with the air.

Things you need:

  • A plastic bottle, preferably a 2.25 litres sized bottle.
  • A bottle of body spray.

  • A 12V DC motor and a 12V DC battery. You can buy the battery here. The battery should be a minimum of 7 Ah.
  • An electric self-locking push button switch

  • A piece of hard wire

  • Washing machine pipe cut out

  • Piece of netted cloth

  • Polystyrene foam

  • Double sided foam tape

Now that you have the materials gathered, follow this step by step guide to making a plastic bottle vacuum cleaner! Before using the bottle, remove the cover of the bottle. Brace yourself, as you are about to make the coolest vacuum cleaner without spending a single penny!


Draw two lines with a pen, outlining the area where the cover of the bottle used to be. Take a cutter and start cutting around the direction of the lines.

After removing the first line, cut around the second line which is at the neck of the bottle. You do not need to draw a line here but cutting will be easier if you do.

Ensure that your child is cutting around the bottle very carefully. After cutting around the lines the result would look something like this. Grab a pair of scissors.

Use the scissors to even the edges of the neck. Cut out any protrusions from the edges. Be careful as the edges are very sharp.

Remember the bottom part of the bottle you kept aside? Join the neck of the bottle against the bottom part of the bottle to see if they still fit.

Take an empty bottle of body spray and cut the end of the bottle.

Then cut through the middle of the bottle and open up the layer. Keep the layer flat on the table and take the bottom end of the plastic bottle. Place the round end of the plastic bottle on top of the layer.

After placing the round side of the bottle on the layer, draw around the round shape with a crayon or pen. Cut out the circle. Now you will need a ruler.

Draw two lines perpendicular to one another like this, using the ruler and a pen. Then take a hammer and use it to attach a nail at the centre of this circle. Use the nail to make a hole at the centre, then take it out.

Draw a smaller circle around the hole with the bottle cap.

Use the scissors to cut through the lines until the scissor meets the circumference of the smaller circle.

Cut halfway between the lines to achieve a fan-like structure as shown in the picture above.

To achieve a proper fan-like shape, fold each part slightly from their original position into a slanted position.

Attach a bit of putty at the center of the fan, both at the back and front. If you don’t have putty then you can adhesive gum.

Attach the motor at the back of your handmade fan.

Start drilling holes at the end of the bottom part of the plastic bottle. Drill out holes between the raised areas of that part of the bottle.

The holes should be spaced out like this.

Use the bottle cap and pinch some holes like these in the cap. Make two more holes at the rim of the cap through which you will poke the two wires through.

Move the cap down the wires and attach it to the motor. Make sure you add liquid glue around the end of the motor, so that the cap sticks to the motor.

Make sure the cap is properly attached to the motor in this manner.

You have to add liquid glue to two more places. Add glue to the cap after attaching to the motor. Also add some glue inside the bottom part of the bottle, but at the center of the drilled holes.

Insert the two wires through two drilled holes like this and place the fan inside the bottom bottle part.

Draw a line around the edge of the bottle part. You must start adding foam tape around this line but make sure to place the tape inside the bottle.

Just adding one layer of tape is not enough. You must add double layers of tape.

The end result should look something like this. The difficult part is over now. Time to wrap the whole process up!

Bend a piece of hardware to the size and shape of the round end of the bottle. Add glue to the entire wire but do not put it inside the bottle yet.

Put the wire on a small piece of netted cloth and wrap the edges of the wire with the cloth. Cut out any extra bits of the cloth with scissors.

Now place the wire inside the bottle. Make sure the wire sits on top of the tape, while inside the bottle.

Push the top part of the bottle into the other part of the bottle until it touches the wire. See if it fits.

Cut out two pieces of polystyrene foam in this manner and attach foam tape against the curved shape. Cut out another curved shape of polystyrene foam but in a bigger size.

Stick the two smaller pieces of foam at the bottom side of the bottle and stick the bigger foam on the top side. Now your vacuum cleaner can stand upright and you can carry it around!

Attach a piece of foam tape around the tip of the washing machine pipe. Now take the top part of the bottle and place the pipe inside the mouth of the bottle as shown in the picture. Join the top part back with the bottom part.

Add glue around the part of the pipe attached to the mouth of the top part of the bottle.

Cut out the mouth of another similar bottle and add glue around the piece.

Place this piece inside the top part and attach strongly to the pipe.

Now you will need to glue another piece at the other end of the pipe. This end will suck in debris and dust. Cut out a piece from an empty eye drop bottle and glue it to that end of the pipe.

Attach the wires to a switch and battery. Turn it on and let your vacuum cleaner work its magic. You can decorate the vacuum cleaner by attaching craft paper or drawing designs. Now you have your own custom-made Cannister Vaccuum Cleaner.

Let your children do their own designs on the vacuum cleaner and get more creative. You can simply open the top of the bottle to let all the debris and dust out once the bottle is filled. Best thing is that it is handheld, so you can carry it around literally anywhere! You will no longer need to save cash to buy the best vacuum cleaners. Your plastic bottle vacuum cleaner will not make any annoying noise like normal vacuum cleaners. It is eco-friendly and completely safe for use and takes really less space. Make as many you like and go on a cleaning spree with your family!

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