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Tastes Like Summer Fun with Hawaiian Shaved Ice #MBPSummerFun18

Thank you to Hawaiian Shaved Ice for providing me with a sample product set to try out with my family! All opinions are 100% my own. This post may contain affiliate links. 

Y'all it's hot right now. Really hot. And humid. Like, stick your head in the freezer to cool off hot. I feel the need to incorporate "iced" or "frozen" into any drink I consume right now. A product opportunity came up for me to review called Hawaiian Shaved Ice and I was like YES. That is a perfect thing to try out right now! So I contacted Elaine at Hawaiian Shaved Ice and she so graciously sent me a Shaved Ice Party Pack to enjoy!

The Shaved Ice Party Pack is everything you need for a hot day with friends and family! You get three 32oz syrup options with pourer caps, a stack of 25 snow cone cups, 25 spoon straws, two ice molds, and the star of the show - the electric ice shaving machine.
They have over 100 different syrup flavors to choose from!!!

I got to pick my favorite three. After pouring over (pun intended) the list of options, I decided to go with Fuzzy Navel, Key Lime Pie & Pink Lemonade! These were so delicious and unique. My favorite was the Key Lime Pie! I loved the bright citrus taste and the vibrant color! 

The shaved ice machine was really simple to operate. You can either use ice cubes or make a large solid ice mold using the cups they provide. I found the ice cubes actually easier to use, because if the ice mould wasn't level inside the machine, it wouldn't shave evenly. I'm sure if you were able to get a symmetrical freeze, the mould would be the most efficient option. 

When you are ready to shave the ice, you put the ice into the top of the machine, put the motorized lid on top, put a cup underneath the maker and press down hard on the top. The motor kicks in and you get a beautifully fluffy cup of shaved ice! I got better at making the cup of ice look more professional as I used it. The picture below was one of my first attempts... haha

After that, you choose your syrup and pour away! 
The great thing about making your own shaved ice at home is that you can tailor the syrup amount to your taste! 
For example, you may not want to give the kids as much... or you might want more! It's up to you! 

We enjoyed making shaved ice at home so much- I think we've pulled out the machine a few times a week since getting it because it is so easy to make and so refreshing. The amount of syrup you receive with your order is more than enough to last all summer long! 
You can enjoy it again and again! 

There is literally little to no clean up required (except for wiping little faces and hands) since the only thing you are actually processing is WATER

The pricing is great because you get everything you need for a summer of fun icy treats for about $50. What a bargain! They also have more heavy duty machines available for purchase if you are a career snow cone maker or operate at more of a business level. 

Want it? Get it!

Follow Hawaiian Shaved Ice on Instagram for more great summer fun ideas and yummy ways to use your own Shaved Ice Machine (*cough*...margaritas...*cough*)!


  1. I would love to have this at home, how perfect for Summer! I used to visit our local shaved ice place all of the time as a teen, but they don't have one where I live now. This is definitely going on my wish list now, thanks for sharing!

  2. This looks so good! And I love the a-hem... margarita idea!
    Also, that BB8 shirt is hilarious! I need one for my daughter- where'd you find it?


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