Enliven Your Child's Bedroom with Colorful Decals by EvgieNev #EvgieNev

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When I was a soon-to-be new mom and started making plans to decorate my baby's nursery, I had a Noah's Ark theme in mind. We scoured thrift stores and boutiques for decor that we could pull together for a cohesive look. At the time, wall decals weren't as popular as they are now, and neither was customization. I wish we'd had the means to make a big mural on the nursery wall which didn't have to be permanent.

Beautiful Peel & Stick Decals Help You Create the Nursery of Your Dreams

Now it's easier than ever to achieve your dream nursery or theme for a child's bedroom with beautiful wall decals. Our go-to store for gorgeous and affordable decals is none other than EvgieNev. EvgieNev Wall Decals are creating Large Wall Decals sets with bright illustrations and very educational content, so it's not just a bunch of pictures on the wall, but very attractive cute characters carefully crafted by their talented team. They usually create dynamic images, not static pictures, where something is happening, very adventurous and fun-like and they are collecting ideas for their illustrations from books, history, and nature.

 It may sound funny but if you look through the shop it is really mind-blowing collection of designs starting from Cowboys and Aliens, all the Jungle and Safari sets, Teddy Bears, Cat Scuba Divers, Space Walking Monkeys, Polar Themes, Indigenous Camps, South America, Fairy Themes, Noah's Ark and yet, this is just a fraction of what EvgieNev has created and has available in their outstanding shop. They have amazing customer service, and they also have amazing ratings and reviews on Etsy. Their quality and care speaks for itself!

There are so many beautiful decals which work with a number of bedroom or nursery themes. They're even perfect for classrooms! The quality is far superior to that of those you may find in big box stores. These decals are designed with children in mind and are made to last.

You don't have to spend an astronomical amount of money to achieve the nursery you desire for your child. EvgieNev wall decals are beautiful, and also affordable. There are many designs to choose from at different price points, to fit every budget. My nephew will make his entrance into the world sometime in the next week, and I was so excited that my sister-in-law chose some adorable dinosaur wall decals for his nursery from EvgieNev. I can't wait to see and share photos of his finished room!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to EvgieNev on Etsy to browse over 250 sets of wall decals. You are bound to find something you will love for your baby's nursery, child's bedroom, or to give as a unique baby shower gift! MBP readers, use the code 15OFF for 15% off any order.

Which decals would you like to decorate your child's nursery or bedroom with?

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