5 Car Cleaning Hacks with Cola

One of my favorite summertime treats is cracking open a fresh bottle of cola. There's a hamburger place downtown where I live, which sells Coke in glass bottles & reminds me of a simpler time. My husband is fond of fountain Coke from McDonald's. According to him, on a hot day, there's nothing quite like it. We don't drink a lot of soda, pop, cola, or whathaveyou. We know it's really not healthy and mainly drink water. I don't stock up on a lot of sodas when I grocery shop, either, but I do buy a bottle of cola every now and then to have on hand for... cleaning my car.

Sound strange? It shouldn't. For years, articles have been circulating about how you can completely clean a corroded car battery with Coke. If you've never witnessed the phenomenon, head on over to YouTube right now and watch it happen via video. You'll be amazed. This science experiment just goes to show that it might not be the best idea to put Coke in our bodies, but that it does work wonders for cleaning your car!

Here are 5 things you can do to clean your car with Coke

Clean Your Windshield

Do you find it hard to keep your windshield clean? No matter what time of year it is, bugs, dirt and grime tend to wind up on windshields, making them impossible to clean without a heavy soap or a lot of scrubbing. To clean your windshield with Coke, put a dry towel over the top of the hood of the car. Pour the Coke directly over the windshield from the top- side to side, letting the soda fizz and gently lift the bugs and grime from the windshield. Wipe it clean and let it dry.

Clean Your Lights

That windshield trick we just mentioned? It works for your headlights and taillights, too. Just pour the Coke over and let the fizz do its magical thing!

Remove Rust

Okay, this one is sort of mind-blowing. Cola can clean off the rust that has accumulated on your bumper or elsewhere. To clean it up, crumple a large piece of aluminum foil and dip the entire thing in the poured cola. Rub the aluminum foil gently over the rusted area, and the rust should quickly come off.

Remove Rusty Bolts or Screws

Need to change a tire or remove a license plate, but can't get the bolts or screws loosened? There's a simple trick to this one- soak a rag or cloth in cola for a minute, and then hold the soaked cloth over the bolt or screw for a few minutes. Any rust that's holding the bolt or screw from turning should be removed and allow for quick and easy turning afterward.

Lift Dirt and Stains from the Interior

Have you ever heard of washing stained clothing n Coke? The same trick works for removing stains from a car's interior. Mix together equal parts (blue) Dawn, Coke, and water. Gently scrub the stained area with the detergent mixture, and then wipe with warm water. It's best to spot test a small area to see how well it works for your car before attempting to clean a large area all at once. 

Had you ever thought about cleaning your whole car with soda before? I love these little tricks. I clean most of my home with items like Dawn and baking soda, and vinegar. It's nice to know that I can also save money by cleaning certain parts of my car with cola & you can, too!

Which of these car cleaning hacks do you want to try first?


  1. These are great tips, thank you so much for sharing! I have definitely never heard of cleaning with Coke (it also makes you wonder why people drink it honestly, lol)! I am going to have to try this though, as I have three kids who can make a mess of my Jeep. :)

    1. My husband first told me about using Coke to clean batteries years and years ago, and I have only discovered cool new ways to use it since. I did have to go hunt down a Coke for a refreshing sip after I posted this, haha! I have two kids, and they make the worst messes in the car. These hacks are lifesavers!

  2. It's amazing what Coke can do. I did a project in school about erosion and weathering and used pennies at different day amounts to show how eroded they become over a span of a month.


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