From Tots To Teens: Creating A New Bedroom For Your Kid

You probably loved designing your child’s room when they were little. Now though, they are rapidly approaching the teenage years, and it’s time for an upgrade. After all, that Barney wallpaper just isn’t as cool once you reach thirteen, is it? So, let’s look at some of the best options for your child’s room that you can consider as you re-decorate for the teenage years. There are a few possibilities to consider here and let’s start with the overall style.

Choosing A Theme

Let’s think about the theme for your tot turning teens room. You can think about opting for a classical design. Classical furniture will look absolutely fantastic and brings a level of maturity to the overall style of the room. This will be particularly suited for young girls who are starting to reach the age where they want to feel like women. A brown classical bedroom set can look absolutely gorgeous and very pretty. Particularly, when paired with other key features.

Of course, you might also want to think about a contemporary design as well. This might be better suited for boys or girls who are starting to go Insta crazy. It certainly has a very pleasing aesthetic, often using only cream shades and a minimalistic feel. You can get the type of furniture you need for this room design from a variety of popular furniture stores.

Alternatively, you can consider opting for something more colorful and bright for the bedroom. A choice like this could suit your child if they love to dress in bright colors like sunny yellow or lilac and purple. You can even think about painting the walls purple or aqua blue. This can look rather splendid, particularly if you clash it by leaving some of the walls cream.

The Right Flooring?

You might want to think about opting for laminate flooring in your child’s bedroom. When they’re little, the carpet may be the best choice in case they fall or even roll off the bed in the middle of the night. As they get older, those accidents become less likely. That means that you can think of a minimalistic design for a clean, contemporary feel. Laminate flooring is also easy to maintain. For laminate flooring ideas, visit laminate flooring Dublin. Ideal, if you want to give your child the responsibility of keeping their own room clean but know that they probably won’t vacuum.

If the room looks a little bare, you can always add a rug or a section of carpet. This will provide some texture to the room design.

A Place To Hang

When children are young, they probably won’t be spending that much time in the bedroom, short of using it for sleeping. As they get older though, you’ll find that kids retreat to the bedroom far more often. They might go up there with friends to chat. Or, they could spend time up there completing coursework. As such, it’s important to provide for these possibilities.

So, you want to make sure that there places to sit other than the bed. You might even want to invest in fold out bed. When not in use this can be a comfy place for your child to sit and it will also be useful for slumber parties. They become a lot more common as you progress towards the teen years.

You can think about more inventive areas for your child to sit as well as a window ledge seating area. It’s easy to create one of these. You just need a sturdy chest of drawers the will fit under the windowsill. Add some pillows or a throw, and you have a great place for your child to sit, think or catch up on their reading.

Alternatively, how about adding a bean bag chair? In all honesty, what child doesn’t want a bean bag chair, regardless of how old they are.

Space And Storage

Don’t forget, as kids get older, they are going to have more work, documents and coursework to store away. You don’t want to be in the position where they have no space for any of these things, and instead, it’s left strewn across the floor. You can avoid this if you make sure that you invest in some storage containers. These can fit together, out of sight and keep everything neat and tidy in the bedroom.

You might even want to think about getting a mini filing cabinet for your child’s room. This will be perfect for keeping coursework sectioned and in the right order.

Take this advice, and you’ll have no trouble creating a great bedroom for a great teenager.

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