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The Right Power Tool For Your Wood Project

Some people do woodwork projects as a hobby while others do it as a profession. Whatever the case, you need the right power tools to complete your wood project successfully. If you are looking to have a complete home improvement with your wood project, then you will need to have some certain power tools to help you achieve your goals with better results and in less time.

Below are some of the key power tools that you will need for your wood project.

1. JigSaw

The Jigsaw is a most preferred power tool, especially for a newbie. You can make curved, straight cuts and decorative cuts depending on the type of blade you choose. The jigsaw is designed for thin materials and it is not advisable to use for heavy-duty cutting. If you want one that will give you better accuracy and control over speed, you should purchase a jigsaw with several orbital settings.

2. Random Orbital Sander

You will want to have a power sander if you are going to work on your wood project. A sandpaper and sanding block is needed for small areas and fine sanding. However, if you are working on large flat areas, for example, tabletops, you will be required to have a power tool. The random orbital sander uses hook-and-loop firmly fixed sanding disks, which uses a random sanding motion. This motion will reduce any sanding marks that may appear on the surface.

3. Chop Saw and Miter Saw

These power tools can be a little bit confusing to those who do not know them well since they are both very similar. When it comes to chop saw or miter saw capabilities and applications, you will be able to notice their significant differences. The major difference is that a miter saw rotates and produces angled cuts while a chop saw only makes straight 90-degree angles. Chop saws are also larger and harder, and they can cut through almost everything. A miter saw, on the other hand, is perfect for small pieces such as molding and framing.

Below are some of the reasons why these two power tools look identical to each other:

• Both have a vertically mounted round blade
• The blade rotation is on a high speed
• The blade is attached to a hinged arm
• the arm is connected to an immovable base
• The material that cuts is mounted on the base
• One can make the cut by pushing the blade downwards

The two are described below:

1) Chop Saw

This is the least complex tool of the two saws. It is named the chop saw because like a chopping action one can only use the blade going up and down. You can use this tool for cutting large pieces of wood, trusses, wooden rafters, and joints.

2) Miter Saw

This is the most complex power tool of the two. A miter saw is a very flexible tool that can cut like a chop saw at a vertical angle of 90-degrees. In addition, the swing shaft/arm of this power tool can also spin, making the miter saw blade to make angled cuts on a wood piece. This power tool is essential for your carpentry projects, especially ones that involve baseboards and crown molding.

Woodwork projects do not have to be complicated anymore as long as you are using the right power tools. The above-mentioned are some of the right power tools that are needed for most wood projects. These tools will help you save a lot of time and energy and the final product will be clean, beautiful, and professionally made. Make your work easier by using the right equipment.

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