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Real Fruit Snacks Your Kids Will Love: Go Organically & Welch's #MBPSUMMERFUN18

Thank you to Go Organically and Welch's for providing me with product in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts are my own.

Are your kids seemingly bottomless pits? Mine are! From the time that we all get home after school each day until it's time for dinner, my kids are asking for snacks every fifteen minutes. I keep a variety of easy to grab snacks on the lowest shelf in our pantry. Both kids can reach the snack bins and are allowed to grab a snack when they're hungry. I also try to steer clear of junk and only keep smart snack choices on the pantry shelves.

The Fruit Snack Game- to Buy or Not to Buy?

My kids really love fruit snacks. We cut way back on buying them a few years ago, because I found that most of the fruit snacks my son wanted were loaded with bad stuff, and were expensive on top of that. Lately, we've been purchasing fruit snacks once again, but only because we'd been introduced to Welch's and Go Organically brands, which are made with (you guessed it) real fruit.

Go Organically mixed fruit snacks are a favorite for S!

My sweet girl loves her 'gummy snacks,' as she calls them. Wanting only the best for my kiddos, I have started handing her Go Organically fruit snacks when she asks for fruit snacks. They're gluten-free, made with real fruit, and have 100% vitamin C! Their fruit snacks come in handy little packages, perfect for little hands to hold, and they're available in a variety of flavors, too!

Can't go wrong with Welch's for an after school or anytime treat!

Welch's is another favorite brand of ours for fruit snacks. Not only has it been a household name for my family since well before I was a kid, Welch's products are always high quality and deliciously fresh! My son B is seven years old, and he's a fruit snack aficionado. He loves Welch's fruit snacks, and also loves Welch's Fruit Rolls, which are all made with real fruit and packed with tons of juicy fruit flavor!

'How long will this fruit roll get!?'

Fruit Rolls are fairly new from Welch's, and they're lots of fruity fun! They actually bring back memories of lunch box treats for me. B loves fruit leather, which is essentially what a fruit roll is- it's just a bit thinner and more flexible, so it can be rolled and unrolled. The strawberry flavor is so yummy- you just know I had to sneak a taste, too!

Momma Tip

When we bring home fruit snacks from the grocery store, I immediately remove them from their boxes, and place them into small bins which sit on the lowest pantry shelf, closest to the pantry door. This way, I can quickly grab a fruit snack pack for a 'purse snack,' to toss into the diaper bag, a lunch box, etc. Plus- they're where the kids can reach them for quick snacks, too!

Want them? Get them!

Head on over to Welch's and Go Organically to learn more about their wonderful products!
You can find both Welch's and Go Organically fruit snacks available for purchase in the MBP Amazon Shop.

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Connect with Go Organically on Facebook, Twitter, & IG.

Special thanks to Go Organically and Welch's for allowing me to share about their real fruit snacks and for making my kids' tummies very happy! Look for these snacks in our 2018 Summer Fun Guide!

Where would you like to enjoy Go Organically and Welch's Fruit Snacks with your kids?

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