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Momma with a Newborn, Practice Self-Care

Wow, does time fly! This picture was taken almost 3 months ago at this point. My friends were right, the first two months adjusting with two little ones can be rough. I was tired, trying to figure out how my days were going to look, and just trying to find a balance between taking care of Maverick, helping Hendrix in his days, and taking care of myself. I know I talked to my other mom friends in similar situations and we all had days where we hadn't found the time to take a shower or one forgot to eat a meal. Moms, take care of yourself. You must in order to take care of your little(s).
Every day is a fresh start. I will admit I am taking more time to care for myself this time around.

Little Things that Make a Big Difference

  • Take a Shower
You know it will make you feel better so do it!

  • Paint your Nails

Make those toes pretty! You know when you look down, you'll smile.

  • Exercise
I know, I know. It's hard to carve out time for exercise sometimes. Even just some weights, jumping jacks, or sit-ups can make a difference. 15 minutes! Do it!
  • Bake Something or Try a New Recipe
This one has been challenging for me, but I'm trying. I just tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe that is healthier and I'm so glad I did. It's delicious!
  • Talk to other people!
Talk to other moms! They get what you're going through. Don't be frustrated thinking you're the only one who cried today or snapped at your older child just because you were too tired. It happens to all of us.
  • Buy a New Shirt or Pants
Anyone else in a postpartum stage? I currently have one pair of nicer shorts that fit. That's it. I'm going to buy at least one more pair because I deserve it. I have been taking care of myself and I'm nursing my little one. This body and baby took 9 months to develop so I deserve at least that amount of time to get back to the pre-baby body. 

Maverick is such a happy guy and contributes so much fun and laughter to our family. 
Hendrix is a great big brother and has been very patient in this transition. 

I'm happy to report that I believe I have found my rhythm. We venture out and everyone is happy as a family of four. 

How do you practice self-care as a momma? 


  1. These tips are wonderful. I'm going to email the link to this page to my sister. She's in the hospital, she had her first girl TODAY!!!!

    1. Congrats to her! It is a tough adjustment, but Mama needs to take care of herself to be the best mom. :)


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