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5 Underwear Styles that Work Better for Moms

Kids change a lot of things in a woman’s life, and you have to adjust to be successful at managing both your kids and work. One of the things that change when you get kids is your wardrobe. If you would like to wear the best underwear styles for moms, there are many options from sexy designs to granny panties, and all these are meant to allow you the comfort you need. So, here is a list of 5 underwear styles that are perfect choices for moms.

1. Grandma-Inspired Panties With Some Flair

One of the challenges moms wants to overcome is a case where fabric gets twisted and pulled in an uncomfortable direction, making the ass to appear turkey bound with rope. The solution to this problem is getting a grandma-inspired panty that has some style. These may not look as much, but most of them like the ones listed on Victoria's Secret are super thin and wedgie frees. The challenge is that most of them are made from nylon and the material is not as breathable as cotton.

2. Threadbare Yoga Pants

When you are not in the mood to wear grandma-inspired pants, you can take it yoga. Choose ones that aren’t sweaty as you would like to be comfortable while wearing it. Most lightweight types are designed from dry-wicking fabric that can instantly dissolve evidence that you are sweating. In this case, you will get both comfort and the shape, so it’s a good option if you would like to be stylish and enjoy the comfort all around.

3. Make it Sexy

It does not have to be that you pick all panties that are going to make you look boring. You could also try to make your choices sexier by choosing comfortable and stylish underwear. String bikinis offer the best luxury, feel and are comfortable. Most of them are made from spandex and nylon with some cotton liner. The pants are trim and flexible and will give your booty a boost in the sensual department.

Sexy, elegant outfits often fail due to the wrong underwear. Imagine wearing your favorite bodycon dress only to be ruined by your highly noticeable panty lines, but seamless panties are here to the rescue! With a seamless undergarment, you won’t have to worry about protruding underwear lines and the overall bad fit of your chosen outfit. 

Also, these underwear pieces are usually made of soft, breathable, moisture-absorbent, and hypoallergenic material. You won’t even feel you’re wearing one! Because of the eco-friendly and sustainable movement pushed by numerous clothing brands today, a lot of seamless panties in the market are made of bamboo, cotton, and minimal spandex. Manufacturers color these seamless undergarments with plant-based dyes that are less toxic than synthetic ones.
That said, never forget your seamless panties during your intimate moments, or simply whenever you feel sexy and confident about yourself. 

4. Carousel Bikini

Sometimes your body will crave the feel of cotton. The idea is to get a pair that will not leave you feeling pressed. If you would like to enjoy the best comfort and manage sweating, carousel bikini underwear is the most recommended for you. The panties are breathable and made from stretch cotton with an elastic waistband that will not go into your skin or leave red marks behind.

Bikinis are the middle ground of the underwear world. Compared to thongs and cheeky panties, they don’t reveal as much skin, but they also don’t provide much coverage like briefs and boyshorts. They just offer the right amount of coverage with slender, well-fitting sides.
Additionally, bikinis are also a great alternative to seamless panties as they can also look less noticeable under tight clothing. The lack of seams in bikinis make it perfect to wear under tight-fitting jeans, but take note that it won’t work well with leggings and yoga pants which should be reserved for seamless panties.

5. Pee-Proof Underwear

Accidental leakages are annoying if you don’t have a way to hide the mess. Many body changes happen when you get children, and you may find yourself in this situation. When that is the case, you can find a solution in pee-proof underwear. This can hold up to six teaspoons, which is a good thing if you don’t want to get embarrassed.


Motherhood should also be fun despite the fact it comes with many responsibilities. As your body goes through changes, you also must adjust your lifestyle to make your life easier as a mother. One of the things you will have to choose is good underwear, with comfort and style being the key points of focus.

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