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How To Buy the Perfect Pair of Jeans

A good pair of jeans can boost your confidence and last almost forever. This wardrobe staple can be notoriously hard to find. Look for high-quality denim and pay attention to fits that flatter your figure.

Quality Matters

Look for signs of good craftsmanship. Sticky zippers and frayed hems mean they'll probably be falling apart sooner than you think. Soft, buttery denim can feel like a dream but jeans should actually be a bit stiff and uncomfortable on the first wear. That sweatpants feel comes from lower thread counts and means the material will degrade faster over time. Check the stitching to ensure it's tight and uniform. Loose stitches mean the seams will be more prone to splitting and also indicates poor quality in general. If you're buying embellished denim look for the decorative aspects to be sewn in instead of glued.

Know Your Size

Take your measurements. Use a tape measure to get the right numbers for your waist, hips, and inseam. Your natural waist is the narrowest and you'll want to take the measurement here unless you typically wear your pants low-rider style. If that's the case, measure where the top of your waistband normally hits. You may need a friend to help you measure your inseam but if that's not an option, use a pair of jeans that you know fit you perfectly. When you're shopping in-store, measurements for hips aren't typically available on the tag but can be found online. You can opt for boutique women's bottoms by Vibe Clothing Company.

Flatter Your Shape

Are you an apple or a pear? Maybe you have more of an hourglass figure? The shape of the jeans will highlight and distract from different areas of your body so choose based on your best assets. Curvy figures may benefit from high-waisted jeans that don't cut in at the middle and can smooth out imperfections. If you're self-conscious about a flat butt avoid jeans without back pockets. More detailing and fabric in the back can help create a fuller profile.

Be Style Savvy 

Knowing the lingo will help you find what you're looking for. Straight leg jeans are just that, a straight line down the leg that doesn't change in width. Stovepipe, cigarette, flared and boot-cut are all descriptors of how the width changes as the material approaches the ankle. The line between boot-cut and flared can be difficult to discern and varies by brand. Trends come and go so the shape of the denim may not change but the description will. Tapered jeans may be rebranded as mom jeans but the cut is the same. What matters is knowing how you want your pants to look and being able to find a product that fits you.

Don't Settle

Dragging your denim on the ground and stepping holes into the bottoms of your jeans may have been a good grunge look but doesn't make you look like an adult. If you love a pair of pants but they're too long, have them hemmed by a professional. Shopping online also opens up options for tall and petite inseams that may not be as readily available in-store. Lengths that creep up above the ankle can be flattering in a skimmer look if that's a trend you're trying to embrace, but the jeans should be made that way. Buying sizes that are way too tall or short and adjusting after the fact can leave the knees in the wrong place. Well-tailored clothing is generally worthwhile but don't count on it to completely rebuild something in the wrong size. Comfortable, cute jeans that you'll wear every day are worth investing in.

Feel confident in yourself and your style by taking the time to find the right pair of jeans. Knowing the fits that flatter your body will help you find the high-quality denim you deserve. 


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