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I Want YOUR Input for our SON'S (they get a new bathroom too?) #dreambathroom makeover!

Yup. You read that title correctly. In case I failed to mention this before, as soon as our master bathroom is finished, we are shifting our focus to our little boy's bathroom upstairs and giving them a totally new bathroom! May as well, right? Insert encouraging sounding, "The dust won't be here forever" quip here. Their bathroom was not designed to be a children's bathroom and is not conducive to two little boys, very close in age, needing to use the facility often at the same time.

"MOMMY! I want to do a carwash in the sink but he won't stop brushing his teeth!" or "Mama! I need to wash my hands and he is blocking the door and won't let me in!" In the past, I've had to just say, "Well you have to wait. There is only one sink." For the record, I have been completely happy to have them share that pedestal sink the last few years.

But, ah sweet redemption is coming for my two young sons who are actually quite gracious and patient and have never complained about their home, truly. They are really thankful kids, but they do argue about who gets to be where and when. Typical.

I know what you're thinking: "an ugly remark has never floated across the lips of these two precious boys toward one another!" {she watches her nose begin to grow}

Below are some before pictures of their little bathroom. This bathroom is right in between two bedrooms upstairs. When we have guests stay in the other room up there (since my boys share a room even though we have the space for them not to) they use this bathroom as well. Each and every time this has occurred, I cringe, knowing what that bathroom looks like. Oh, we keep it clean, but there are just some things no amount of elbow grease can change. To say I'm excited for that little bathroom to have a makeover is an understatement. To say, "little" when describing that bathroom is an understatement as well. Ha! You literally have to suck in your gut to shut the door. Ok, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.


I hope I do not confuse anyone by switching back and forth between bathroom renovation updates, but for this post, I just really needed your help! I needed a break from scouring Amazon for light fixtures for the master bathroom. So what better breather than to choose a paint color for the boy's bathroom!

Tiny bathroom shared by my two sons. We haven't touched it since we moved in a few years ago.

 If you are not caught up and are seeing my #dreambathroom renovation for the first time, jump back here to see the first post. However, this is the first time I am telling you all about the second bathroom renovation! Two #dreambathroom makeovers are going down!

I want your advice! The main picture at the beginning of this post shows the two colors that we have chosen for our two young son's shared bathroom. There will be a brand new white double sink vanity so either of these colors will add such a fresh pop of color to a small space.

 These will be accent colors but the walls will be orange or teal! Please help me decide which color to paint our boy's bathroom! There will be white beadboard on the bottom half of the wall which will make the color we choose pop even more. Keep in mind, the 'losing' color will be used as an accent color. 

Drop your color pick in the comments section below! Show a friend and share as well. I will heavily consider the majority choice. If you like both equally, you can let me know that too. I'll see how the poll results do next week sometime and I will be sure to keep you updated.

Meanwhile, back in the master bathroom, this happened today:

The triangle jacuzzi bathtub has been banished forever! Good riddance! 
I literally felt giddy inside to see that tub hauled away. Moving right along with endless choices and comparisons, we chose this oil rubbed bronze light fixture for the boy's bathroom. Their new double sink vanity will have two mirrors and this light fixture will be above each mirror. I just love this look and am so excited to see everything come together!

The master bathroom will have brushed nickel accents so we chose this light fixture to adorn both of our vanity mirrors. There is just something rustic, yet classy about these light fixtures and they suit my taste perfectly. 
Stay tuned...

Thank you for coming along with me on this exciting journey to my #dreambathroom and I hope you'll stay with me until the final reveal! I may be asking for your input along the way which I appreciate so much. Remember to leave your paint color choice in the comments below!



  1. I'm torn! I love the teal, because blue/teal anything is my jam, but I'm thinking long term, and the orange will be better suited once they're teenagers. I feel like they'll cringe in that teal bathroom when they're 14 and have friends stay over? Maybe? I dunno, that was just my first thought.

  2. Personally I love b.. the teal color. The orange seems a bit bright and might be annoying after time. My fiance' is a painter and that is what he said too but that is just our opinion. It is a matter of what you like!

  3. Definitely the teal it is such a soothing color and reminds me of the sea Rosanne

  4. I love the fixture you chose for your master bath vanity. I personally would go with teal for the kids bath walls. I googled orange and teal kids shower curtain though and there are some really great ones out there that could bring in both colors.

  5. I appreciate all of this feedback SO much! Cannot wait to share results.


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