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Don't Be Fooled, Some of the Best Things Happen on Friday the 13th! - Happy Birthday R!

6 years ago today we were in the hospital preparing for the arrival of our second daughter, R.
 I was tired and feeling a little anxious about the date of her arrival (Friday the 13th!), but as we are getting ready to celebrate her 6th birthday today (another Friday the 13th), I am reminded that sometimes the absolute best things happen at times you might not expect. 

Last Night as a 5 Year Old

This little lady has brought so much happiness to our lives. 
She is mixture of kind and sassy. 
She starts every day with a huge smile on her face and that is one thing I hope she is able to carry through her life. 
 She has the sense of humor (and comedic timing) one would never expect from someone her age. She is just one of a kind! 

"Hey, wait, I'm 6 now right?"- R as soon as she woke up this morning!

Happy Birthday R- We hope it's filled with as much joy as you bring us!


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