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3 For 1 days of Celebration

April 1st isn’t celebrated for Fool’s Day in our family.  Today marks the birth of our mom and it also marks Easter. 

Happy 60th birthday Mom!!!

My mom has never been big on pranks because it wasn't a nice way to celebrate her birthday.  As kids we thought it was hilarious and I swear her oldest, V, lives for pranking.  It must be genetics because D & R do too.

Prank Ideas
1. Toothpaste on oreos instead of cream- I personally do not like this one. What a waste of oreos! 

2. Secret hide and seek- The hider is the only one that is playing.  He or she pops out when someone comes looking for them.- This is a very funny thing to do at least for the hider.  Sometimes the unsuspecting seeker does not like this game.

3.  Change the ringtones on your spouse's or kid's cell phone- Something annoying loud or super creepy (Depending on age). Could you imagine having your husband's phone start ringing with the song from Frozen or The Little Mermaid? 

What is your favorite prank?

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