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Why Your Teen Needs an Emergency Car Kit (and What to Put in It)

The thought of being the parent of a teen driver absolutely terrifies me. Granted, my oldest child is seven years old and I still have a ways to go before that time comes, there are several teen drivers in my extended family, and their safety is constantly on my mind. When I was a new teen driver, my uncle gave me an emergency car kit as a Christmas gift. At the time, I thought it was kind of lame, but looking back, I now know how much I was loved and cared for by my family.

My uncle's idea was smart and simple. He didn't want his niece to find herself stuck without important items she might need if an emergency situation came about. So while I don't have teens of my own yet, I always think it's a great idea to gift the teens in my life with emergency car kits. Even if they don't thank me now, they'll likely thank me down the road.

You can easily put together an emergency car kit. 
Here are the essentials you'll want to include:

Bottled Water
Hand Sanitizer
Extra Pair of Clean Clothing
Cash (at least $20 in small bills)
Safety Whistle
Medicine/First Aid Kit
Paper Towel Roll
Wet Wipes
Car Manual
Granola or Protien Bars (or other non-perishable snack)

Other items you might consider adding:

Extra Phone Charger
Trash bags
Extra Shoes

It's important for your teen driver to realize that they might not always be able to rely on technology if they're in a tough spot. The car manual and a paper map will be their best best if they're in an area where they don't have a cell phone signal, or they have lost a charge on their phones. It's also important that they have change to make a phone call if necessary.

Having fresh water and safe food is also important. If your teen finds themselves starnded on the roadside or otherwise, it may be a while before help arrives. Staying hydrated is especially important if it's overly warm outside.

If an emergency does arise, make sure your teen knows to wait inside their vehicle if it's safely out of line of other vehicles. Standing beside a broken down car along a busy street or highway can be very dangerous and increase their risk of being hit by another vehicle. Having a service available for the entire family to use, such as AAA is a great idea and will offer parents peace of mind while their teens are on the road.

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