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Top Strategic Technology Trends and Innovations

Smart technologies impact every aspect of our lives. In this article, we discuss top technological developments that are predicted to transform the world in 2018.
Technology Trends That Will Change the World in 2018
2017 was a very exciting year due to advancements in quantum computing, smart speakers, self-driving cars and other technological developments. Due to the growing number of electronic devices, the world becomes more connected and smart technologies are rapidly becoming an integral part of our everyday life.

Some tech trends just appear and die while others are so important that they transform the world we live in. Here are top tech trends that are likely to define the world in 2018 and beyond.
The Increasing Datafication
According to estimates, during one internet minute, people typically send 156 million emails, 16 million text messages, and 452,000 Tweets and Facebook receives about 900,000 logins. We generate about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day and 90% of the amount of data we have today was created during the last two years. We are witnessing the increasing datafication of our world that results in a big explosion of data.
The Internet of Things
The exponential increase in data is mainly caused by IoT that includes smart connected devices. These smart items are constantly gathering all kinds of data, connecting to other smart devices, and sharing the data. They do it independently without human interaction. Practically anything can become a part of IoT these days and according to estimates, there will be about 75 billion connected smart devices in 2020, including a quarter of a billion cars.
Billions of IoT devices we have today became possible due to the enormous growth in computing power which is currently doubling at a rate of two and a half years. We are about to reach the limits of traditional computing power and the further development can be possible due to the emerging quantum computing when computers will be millions of times faster.
Artificial intelligence
Using machine learning algorithms, modern computers can learn in the same way as humans do and now can perform more human tasks. Artificial intelligence is becoming incorporated into a wide range of apps and platforms. With AI, computers can read, for example, analyze social media messages, see (facial recognition software), speak and listen (e.g. Alexa), make a judgment about human emotions (effective computing).
People Are Interacting with Technology in Innovative Ways
The way people are interacting with tech is constantly changing. These days, with tablets and smartphones, you can perform a wide range of tasks on the go. By touching the screen, you can take advantage of mobile banking, make payments, do shopping or hire a writer and ask him to write my paper me cheap. In 2016, mobile web usage has overtaken desktop usage and is constantly increasing.
We can also talk to our devices, using Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. According to estimates, 50% of all searches by 2020 will be voice searches and 30% of them will be performed without any screen. Businesses, for example, BMW, are gradually integrating their new products with voice technologies. Besides, they are starting to use augmented and virtual reality to interact with their customers.
3D Printing
This technology has a positive impact on manufacturers and other industries. It opens fantastic opportunities because it allows creating more complex shapes than in traditional manufacturing. We can use practically any material in 3D printing, for example, concrete, metal, plastic, powder, liquid, and even human tissue and chocolate.
The invention of the blockchain technology could change our world because it offers a practical solution to the problem of storing and protecting critical data. We can consider a blockchain as an extremely secure decentralized database. The records of data or blocks are connected in a chain which is self-managed and no one can be in charge of the entire chain. Blockchain technology is used for the functioning of virtual currency Blockchain. Actually, 90% of major North American and European banks are considering blockchain solutions. This technology can be also widely used in healthcare and insurance.
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  1. The statistics on the number of emails, facebook logins, etc. sent every minute are staggering!


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