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These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things! #Friyay #FridayFunDay

... and then I don't feel so bad!
Happy Friday lovely ones!
I just wanted to kick off the weekend with sharing a few of my favorite things with each of you. Is that OK? I hope that sounds like a good idea to you. I'm such a big product snob and so INSANELY picky that when I actually get a good collection of products that I love, it feels a crime to keep it to myself. Nothing to it but to do it!

In the picture above, I'll just briefly list out the products that I have come to love so much!

Jason Quick Clean Makeup Remover (circular pads perfect for stubborn eye makeup)
Jason Apricot Deodorant (the ONLY deodorant I use)
Shea Moisture Clarifying Mud Mask
Neutrogena Naturals Moisturizer (hands down my favorite night cream)
EO Essentials Hand Soap (smells divine)
Alba Botanica Good and Clean Towelettes (Alba anything is OK in my book)
Hello Mojito Mint Toothpaste (I discovered this recently and am hooked)

Generally speaking, I trust every single one of these brands and never hesitate to purchase their products. These are products that do not use harsh and dangerous chemicals. 
There really is no actual need for a photo showing me using the mud mask. In fact, even as I type this I am second guessing myself as to why I am including this incredibly attractive picture of myself, covered in mud. I guess all I can say is that's how much I love Shea Moisture. 

You can find any and all of the above products at your local Walmat, Target and often times grocery stores will carry many of these items as well. You can also find some of them on Amazon but your best bet is Walmart or Target! 

After years of trial and error and the world's most finicky facial skin, I have finally discovered a makeup line that my skin does not pitch a giant-sized tantrum over! I've been using these products (and more not pictured) for over a year now.

I find all of my Pixi by Petra makeup items at Target where there is a large variety to choose from.
These are quality products that work very well with sensitive skin. The colors are so beautiful and the brushes, so soft. I can't say enough about this makeup line. I would implore you to give it a try if you are searching for a line you can trust. 

The newest blush I discovered that I'm obsessed with is Physicians Formula Butter Blush. YOU NEED THIS BLUSH. No one is paying me to say any of this and I am not receiving any product to tell you this information today. I just really love this blush that much. It smells like a tropical vacation exploded on your face. 

All blush should smell this good. But it doesn't. So you'll have to use this one. 
Also, Smashbox makes great pigmented eye shadows and I like this taupe color for a quick, "out the door in 10" look for busy mornings. Check out Sephora or Ulta for Smashbox products and Physicians Formula can be found at ANY drugstore or your local Walmart or Target. 

Lastly, I'll just leave this little gem here for you to pretend you can smell:
Gucci Bamboo is my choice fragrance for the time being! I found it at Ulta... or maybe it found me. It feels like fate.

Thanks for hanging with me today and I really hope you found something you may like to try! Drop me a comment and let me know if you did. I love to talk "products" and I'll be sure to reply!


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  1. This is a great list! I love Jason and Neutrogena products too!


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