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Gas Saving Tips Every Driver Should Know

When I was a teenager, I could fill up my car's gas tank for $10.00, and that usually lasted me all week. I drove my best friend to school every day, and she rode home with me, so her mom always gave me gas money every week. I pretty much never had to pay for my own gas until I was in college, and then realized how expensive it really can be to maintain a car and keep it running.

Over the years, I've learned quite a lt about cars and how to keep costs down when it comes to driving them. One of the things my husband has always been quick to share are his tips on saving gas and making a tank last as long as possible.

Here are the definite Don'ts when it comes to your car:
Don't leave the fuel cap too loose.
Don't leave the car in the hot sun for an extended period of time.
Don't use high octane fuel.
Don't drive around on under-inflated tires.
Top off your gas. *The additional gas will actually spill over or seep out. You're literally throwing your money away by topping off on gas that you'll never be able to actally use.

The Do's:

Check your tire pressure often. 
You'll want to do this every couple of weeks, at least. Newer cars should be able to automatically tell you if your tire pressue is low. If you have an older car, you should check it with a pressure guage. You should also be able to easily tell if your air pressure is low just by looking. If the tires look under-inflated, swing by a gas station and add some air to the low tire(s). It's best to stick with the recommended pressure outlined in your owner's manual, and it works best to check the tire pressue when the tires are cold. Do not over-inflate your tires.

Use the correct oil.
Using the wrong type of oil for your car can lead to major mishaps down the road. Just by following the manufacturer's recommendation for oil can lead to up to a 2% increase in your gas mileage. That's something worth looking into!

Keep it cool.
Keeping your car cool has a lot to do with the way it performs. If at all possible, park in a garage or carport, out of direct sunlight. If that isn't an option, purchase a sunshield that can be placed on the inside of the car's windshield on warm or hot days. Did you know that the hot sun actually evaporates gas from your car's tank if it's left sitting in the sun all day? Talk about money down the drain!

Replace the air filters.

The air conditioner in your home has to work a lot harder if the filters are really filthy, and the same goes for the air filters in your car. If your car is working harder to run, your fuel efficiancy is likely lower than it could or should be.

These are simple tips that are pretty easy to follow, and everyone ought to try them out. They don't cost much, and can really save you money in the long run. They might even extend the life of your car.

Brought to you by Zeigler Chrysler Dodge.

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