Easy DIY Easter Egg Banner

Happy Holy Week! I was blessed by Palm Sunday worship with my church family yesterday. My heart is very full, and my heart and mind are ready to walk the long journey to the cross this week, as we approach Good Friday. We've been posting a lot of cute ideas for Easter and spring decor on MBP, and I stopped to ask myself if it was appropriate to keep at it with Easter crafts and activities with my kids this week, as it's a pretty solemn and emotional week.

My answer quickly came after I looked beyond Good Friday. Yes- we should continue with the fun, colorful, joyous activities which I previously planned for this week. Why? Because we're preparing for the biggest, happiest, most joyous celebration there is. Easter is a celebration of hope, love, grace, and how could we not be excited when we know that the story doesn't end on Good Friday?

So, we're continuing on with making t-shirts, paper crafts, coloring eggs, making/baking treats to share with family and friends, and so much more. Each little sign of spring that we see, or each springtime element that we ad into our decor at home signifies new life, which is a beautiful reminder of our new life in Christ.

I found a beautiful, sparkling Easter egg garland at the craft store last week, and as much as I wanted to purchase it, I left it behind. Instead, I picked up some simple craft items to make an Easter egg banner, myself.

Easy DIY Easter Egg Banner

Just a couple of dollars spent at the craft store made for a cute & simple decorative banner!

Rather than spend money on an egg garland, I made my own banner. I used 2 coordinating pieces of scrapbook/craft paper (12x12), an Easter egg coloring page from Zendoodle (which I printed at home), craft twine, and craft mini clothespins. I already had the twine at home. You could easily use rope, ribbon, etc.

Use the template to trace out the desired amount of Easter eggs on the craft paper & cut them out.

I loved the colors swirled in the patterned paper. They worked with my decor & then I chose the green as the coordinating color. I chose to cut out five patterned eggs and four green eggs. I doubled the length of the twine for the length I wanted for the banner. I tied the ends together and knotted them. Next, I draped the twine over the front of a mirror and then tucked the ends behind it. I used the mini clothespins to attach the paper eggs to the twine, and that was it!

The easiest paper egg banner you could ever hope to make!

Leave the banner on display through the spring, and then remove the eggs and clothespins, wrap the twine, and store in a sealed plastic bag when you're ready to put it away until next season.

There are so many things you could use to make your own beautiful Easter garland or banner. This was the quickest, cheapest option for me, and I thought it turned out nicely. 

Did You Make This?

I'd love to see your Easter banner! Be sure to take a photo of your finished project and post on social media! Don't forget to tag us @MommysBlockParty on Facebook & @mommysblckparty on Twitter/IG. 

Happy Crafting!

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