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My Hopes...

Hope is a word that is said a lot.  People hope for all sorts of things, all the time!  The above picture is one of my all-time favorites.  It's from our local Relay for Life event that I have attended every year since it began.  The hope at this event is amazing to see and hear about!  I could list page after page of things I hope for.  I have taken some time to really think about some of the hopes that I have right now and how they are important, or not so important!  I hope that you enjoy my list of hopes (I'm gonna keep it short) and that you will slow down and think about the things that you hope for!

I hope that I am raising Aiden to be kind.  This is so important and it's so sad that so many in our world are not kind.  Being kind is easy to do. 

I hope my husband knows that he is loved and appreciated for all that he does for our family.  He is a hard worker and provider.   

I hope that my family continues to be healthy and happy and loving.  I am blessed to have such a close loving family.

I hope to continue to grow a stronger bond with God.  I am thankful for a church that helps to make this possible.

I hope that a cure is found for cancer and other sicknesses that people deal with every day!  I have many friends who deal with this every day!

I hope that my job continues to be one of my favorite places to go. 

I hope that the children I teach know how much I love them.

I hope that my friends know how much they mean to me and what an impact each of them have made in my life.

I hope I am able to sleep in tomorrow because I am so tired!

I hope this headache I have had for 3 days goes away soon.

I hope all the germs and sickness that is going around will be gone soon.

I hope the weather warms up and that spring comes early.  I am so over winter.

I hope that I got everything I needed at the grocery store.  

I hope that the snowboard we ordered for Aiden arrives in time for our trip to the mountains next weekend. 

I hope, I hope, I hope.....this could go on and on and on!  

What do you hope for?  I'd love to hear some of your hopes.

Have a wonderful Friday.

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