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Weekends with the Wigglesworths- 3 Day Weekend... What to Do?

Happy Saturday! We're looking at a 3-day weekend and this Mom is not too prepared. I love long weekends, but we've had so many of them the last few days since winter break, that I'm wondering what on Earth we can do this weekend to keep from losing our minds.

Today, we'll be heading to the library to check out a few of the movies they have on hand. We've got both Netflix and Hulu, but neither have Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or Pippi Longstocking so it's off the library we go. I wonder how many books we'll end up picking up...

After our library trip, the weekend is pretty much open for activities. D has been going to a local college with her classmates for the past 3 days to participate in Starbase, a 5-day program that allows them to explore different fields of science and math. I am pretty sure she'll end up asking to replicate a few of the activities that they did over the last 3 days, and I know she definitely wants to build a vortex cannon! Thankfully, Matt already had plans to stop at Home Depot, so he'll just be picking up a few extra things! Since I've been chaperoning the last few days, I'm glad to see that both he and R will be able to experience some of what has been going on at Starbase! 

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! 

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