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How To Know You've Found The Right House

You have been searching for your dream house for months and months and have finally found the one which you think is for you. But how do you know that this particular home is the one you want to spend the rest of your life living in?

You might be tempted at first to sleep on the decision and decide in the morning just in case you end up changing your mind, but actually, this could be a bad idea.

If you sleep on your decision you could find that another family swoops in before you have the chance and puts an offer in, and this will mean you end up losing your home and having to look for a 5 room flat for sale instead. How do you know that you have found the house which is right for you?

You Want to Go Inside

If you have been looking online at houses around the area for quite some time, you might have decided to write a few options down and then go for a bit of a drive around your local area to see the houses from the outside. If you come to the right house, you might feel an instant urge to go inside, and this could mean that there is something about that house which you just love.

It Feels Right When You Enter

If the house is the right one for you, you might feel a sense of familiarity and homeliness the moment you enter. If you feel as if you can already picture where your furniture will be and how it will feel to cosy up in here each evening, you may have found a winner. If the house feels like a home the moment you step inside, it just might be the home for you. Don't start your home search journey alone. Having help and guidance from a trusted professional can make a huge difference in your home buying adventure. To start the process with a professional, head to eXp Realty for expert advice.

You Don't Feel Weird in the Bathroom

The bathroom is always a bit of weird one when you go to view a home. It can feel a little bit odd and dirty to walk into a strangers bathroom and start poking around like you would in the other rooms of the house. However, if you are able to walk straight into the room and look around without feeling a bit funny inside, then this bathroom and house could be the one for you.

You Are Possessive

If you find that as you walk around the house any flaws are invisible to you, this could be the place you want to spend the rest of your life. There might be a moment where the estate agent or a family member starts pointing out something wrong with the house, and if you have the urge to defend it the. It might just be the place you want to call home.

You Can See Your Furniture

It can always be a little difficult to picture what the house would look like with your things inside, especially the first time you go to view it because there will already be someone else’s stuff in there. However if you are able to walk into one of the rooms in the house and immediately start mapping out where your things will go, this could be it. It is a sign that you can see yourself living here in the long term.

You Can See Yourself Decorating

If you enter a home and aren’t too keen on the decorating style of the previous owner, you might start to envision what would happen if you painted the wall a different color or rearranged the furniture a little bit. The fact that you are able to look at this space as a potential project to work on is a sure sign that you are hooked on the property.

The House Fits Your Needs

It is crucial that any potential home fits your needs and everything you expect out of a house. It could be that you need a large kitchen for hosting family get-togethers or a cozy lounge area for the evening. Maybe you need a space in the home where a desk could go to work. If the house you look at is able to fulfill all of your needs, the. It could be a great time for your to ring up with an offer in hand.

You Want to Stop Looking

A sure sign that you feel as if you have found the right home is that you no longer want to look at houses. This will be the last home you decide to look at, and once you get home the thought of searching for more homes won’t even cross your mind anymore. This is the moment you will need to have a discussion and decide whether or not you will put in an offer to this house. If you really want it, you will be willing to pay over the odds if you need to, but bear in mind to stay in your budget.

You Can't Wait to Tell Everyone

I yo leave the viewing of the house and immediately want to shout from the rooftops that you love it, then this is definitely the right house for you. If the idea of telling your family and friends nd showing them the house excites you, then this could be the house which you feel yourself living in for a long time.

Everything Tells You to Buy That House

If once you have left the viewing all you can think about is how amazing this house is, then you need to make an offer. You might start to think about what things you can buy for the home, what plants you love in the garden and planning decorating projects you want to do to the place. You might find that suddenly every waking through is about this home and what you can do to it when you finally move in. If you do keep having all of these thoughts, you need to pick up the phone and fight for your future home.

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