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The Hunt for Happiness

Photo Courtesy of The Secret Society of Happy People

The third week of January is observed as the week for the Hunt for Happiness.  From what I have read each year, the first full 3rd week of January is observed as a time to express happiness based on themes of people, places, and things that make you happy.  This year the theme is people: connecting with more people, spending more time with family and friends and connecting with old friends.
The premise is to remember the spirit of the holidays and remember why these people are in your life or why they were at one time.  There are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages available to follow to give you ideas for how to celebrate this week.  You can also have the happiness challenges emailed to you.  

Family time is the most important thing for any and all families in my opinion.  These are the moments that will live on in our memories for years to come.  I challenge all of you to take part of  The Hunt for Happiness.  Share with me your memories made. 

This is my family and I am happy because of them. 

Who makes you happy? 

Want to celebrate this week?

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