Store in Style: T-FAL Dry Storage Containers Are a Pantry Must-Have! #MBPHGG17

Thank you to T-fal for providing me with product in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own.

One of the greatest things about our old craftsman bungalow is our walk-in pantry with floor to ceiling shelving on three sides. There's only enough room for one person to get in there at a time, but the shelves are amazing and provide a lot of extra space for us to store our non-perishables. We have one shelf specifically used to house our baking products. Over the years, we've wised up and purchased containers to store things like flour and sugar in, instead of their original bags. Little hands love to get into those products in the pantry and make messes.

We have since realized that our storage containers are clunky and take up way too much room on our pantry shelves. We wanted clean, easy to grab to containers that would also be hard for the kids to get into, and would keep our dry goods dry.


T-fal offers unique products for the kitchen and home, including some of their newest kitchen helpers for storage and cooking prep. They also have a wonderful line of small kitchen appliances and bakeware/cookware. We're big fans of T-fal and love their products, which we have been using for many years.

Keep items organized and securely stored with the T-fal Ingenio 5pc Dry Storage Set 

 T-fal's dry storage containers are so handy- perfect for the pantry or elsewhere throughout your home.

The dry storage containers come in a variety of sizes. They're perfect for keeping dry pantry goods in. We have filled ours with sugars, mixed pasta noodles, and other baking supplies like marshmallows and candies. The lids lock into place to keep moisture at bay and keep foods fesh.

Just lift the handle to unlock and push down to lock into place.

This storage set is saving us money by cutting down on the amount of food that quickly goes stale once opened. I'm ashamed by how much waste we wind up with once packages are opened- food seems to go stale so quickly. The T-fal storage helps to keep everything dry and preserve freshness.
Gift the gift of kitchen organization! Airtight, stackable and space saving, the T-fal Ingenio Dry Storage containers are essential for any foodie’s home. Featuring an innovative Lever-Lock mechanism, these storage containers have an airtight seal with just one simple motion that keeps dry foods fresh longer. Designed for modular stacking, the T-fal Ingenio Dry Storage collection can be used throughout the kitchen and home for efficient organization.

Prep in seconds with the T-fal 5-Second Chopper

If you hate chopping onions or other veggies, this quick chopper is for you!

My hubby loves to help me cook, but gets teary if he has to chop onions. This handy little quick chopper will chop and prep your veggies in mere seconds! It's so fast, and just requires a few quick pumps of the hand!

The perfect addition to any foodie’s kitchen! Manually powered and doesn't require electricity, this gadget makes chopping, dicing and pureeing easier than ever. The patented system features two independent blades that provide efficient and progressive chopping in 5 seconds or less. Ideal for making salsas, fruit purées, salads or simply chopping an onion WITHOUT the tears!  ($22.99)

Want them? Get them!

These handy products are making life a little easier on us! They make great gifts for couples, home cooks, college students, etc. Find even more awesome gift suggestions over at T-fal!
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Special thanks to T-fal for allowing me to share about their latest kitchen products and gift ideas! Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!


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    1. They are really neat, John. Eventually, I'd like to replace all of my storage containers with these b/c of the way they lock and how little space they take up on my shelves.


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