It's Time To Assess Your Sleep Hygeine

When it comes to feeling good every day, sleep is often the most important thing to keep you going. We all know how terrible we feel with a lack of sleep, and often this is what plagues us. Working long hours with a small amount of time for recreation can tempt us to stay up late, and every morning we dread that 6am alarm clock. If you’re to live long, healthily and with a great degree of energy, you must sleep.

Sleep is much more than simply getting a long duration of rest. While six to eight hours is considered a perfect amount for most people, that’s hardly where the complexity ends. If you’re having trouble with lethargy, feeling blue, getting ill or even simply looking to improve the quality of your life, assessing and improving your sleep hygiene can help you dramatically.

But what is sleep hygiene, and how can it be improved? We hope to answer that question in the following article:


Sleep hygiene often depends on the air quality of your room, a lot more than you think. If you’re in a stuffy and heated bedroom all night, you are much more likely to feel lethargic and ill-rested in the morning. Open up your window for ventilation, even just a small amount, and you’ll notice a profound change in the way you feel. Fresh air can help you sleep deeper, and the air quality makes a difference. If you’re worried about being cold in the winter, simply add more blankets to your bed, and purchase a robe to don in the morning. Give it a try; you may just see the light.

Mattress Quality

Your mattress may have seen better days. This is often one item of furniture which you consider static, and may even forget to upgrade. A loose spring or uneven surface can absolutely hamper your sleep quality, so be sure to stay active about owning a great one. You might even choose to go for the most comfortable air mattress you can find, or upgrade to a memory foam furnishing. You’ll be surprised just how well these can support your frame no matter which side, front, or back you prevent sleeping on. Purchasing a new mattress is, of course, the most hygienic way of doing things, and this can improve your sleep quality all by itself.

Choice of Bed

Have you ever wondered whether or not your choice of bed is the culprit to your sleeplessness? You never know what might be lurking in or on the actual furniture you're using to sleep on. Heirlooms and antiques are often passed down to family members through the years, but there's certainly something to bed said about buying new furniture and getting a healthy, fresh start. If you're looking to save space, you might consider going with a Trundle Bed. They can easily be pulled out to make extra sleeping space for siblings or guests. More than likely, you'll be happy with your choice to upgrade to new furniture, free of germs or allergens.


Noise and light can both contribute to a low-quality rest. If you live in a noisy environment, this can really frustrate you to a worrying degree. For a small price, you can invest in a year's supply of memory foam earplugs to don when you’re asleep. They fit your ear canal, so you’re likely to completely ignore any disturbances from now on. If the light is the issue, consider purchasing some thermal blackout curtains, as they cut off any undue light from penetrating the fabric and thus your room.

Sleep quality will determine just how happy you wake up in the morning, and just how healthy your body can rest. With these tips, you should feel an improvement in both of these areas.

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