Interior Design: Give Your Shack Its Mojo Back

If your house is looking a little worse for wear then it’s time you did something about that. The word “renovation” might make you wince as you start to imagine money vanishing from your bank account but it doesn’t have to be a costly venture. Here are some simple time-effective and cost-effective ways to give your shack its mojo back.

Aim for minimalism.
Minimalism isn’t just a contemporary trend; it’s a timeless trend. The idea of spaciousness can never go out of fashion because it’s an innate human desire. Everybody wants their home to look spacious, right? That should be your goal too. It’s time to open up your home’s interior so that you can breathe. A deep clean is a good place to start. You might want to check out sites such as for professionals who can help to clean your carpets thoroughly for a healthier, cleaner, and more “aesthetically-pleasing” interior. This isn’t to say that you’ve never cleaned your house before, but there’s a difference between hoovering once a week and giving your house a thorough clean. Maintaining this start of cleanliness is important if you want your home to remain appealing, of course.

But cleaning extends beyond scrubbing down surfaces and getting rid of all the dirt that’s been trampled into the carpets by messy children. It’s the clutter that really makes your home feel cramped. You need to sift through your possessions and get rid of all the things you’re hoarding (and you hoard more than you think). You can sell anything that’s still in one piece or give it to charity; the rest, however, should be thrown out before you’re tempted to keep it. You’ll start to realize the potential space your home has available once you’ve started to clean and clear out all your junk.

Give it a “brand new” face.
Now that your home has been opened up to reveal its true nature, you might find that your spacious abode hides other unpleasant secrets: it’s outdated and a little weathered. Wallpaper might be peeling off, faucets are rusty, painted furnishings are faded or chipped, and the whole place reeks of “age”. No matter how well you look after your humble abode, time isn’t kind on manmade things.

Still, you don’t need to spend a fortune to fix up your home; put on your DIY hat and get to work. You could strip off all the wallpaper and paint the walls instead. It’s easier to keep a house looking fresh and modern if you paint the walls because they can always be repainted if they succumb to smudges, dents, or other blemishes. As wisely stated over at, you’d be surprised by the power of a lick of paint.

Add to your home.
There’s no better way to turn your shack into a mansion than by extending it, as we’ve suggested before. A brand new conservatory could make your living room feel twice as big and add to your garden too (the exterior of your property is just as important as the interior). Of course, if you’re still looking to save money then you could convert some of the wasted space in your house. The garage, attic, basement, or spare room could be converted into a fun games room, a second living room, or another bedroom. Get creative with the space you have available in your house or your garden. Adding something to your home doesn’t have to be expensive; it just requires initiative.

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