Four Sure Fire Ways To Add Value To Your Home

When you move into your home, it can be such a weight off your mind. Knowing that you are now spending money on the home you’ll be living in, rather than just paying rent to someone else, can be very reassuring. You will have somewhere permanent to live, and it is yours to own and do with it as you please. 

But owning your own home is an investment. When you do see it as such, it can mean looking at things in a slightly different way.
It can help you to realize the importance of owning your home, as well as encourage you to look at ways that you can make your home better and add value to it. Because at the end of the day, adding value to your home means that you will be sitting on more money essentially. If you need to sell your home, then you can get back much more than you paid for it. Which, for me, is a complete no-brainer! Of course, I’ll want to get more money for it if I can. But having said all of this, what are some of the best ways to add value to your home? Here are a few ideas for you.

Fix Structural Problems

You might have moved into a home that already had structural damage. You might have had it happen since you moved in. Either way, having structural damage to your property is never going to be a good thing. So make sure that you look out for floors that are sagging, bowing walls, rising damp, or a leaking roof. All of these things can cause a lot of damage if they’re not dealt with right away, as well as put off potential buyers from making an offer on the home, or prevent them from offering a decent price for the house. If the problems are there before you move in, then try to get them fixed before you move in. Otherwise, it can cause some chaos!

Extend the Home

If all of the other houses on the block are one size, and yours has an extension to add a reception room or a bedroom, then it is going to increase the value of your home, especially compared to the neighbors. So choosing an extension is a good way to go. They aren’t cheap, as contractors like Metropolitan Contractors could tell you. However, they would also tell you just how much value they had. You will pretty much get all of the money back that you spent on it; perhaps even more! So if you have been in your home for a number of years but aren’t quite ready to move elsewhere, then extending the property could be the way to go.

Replace Windows

If you are living in quite an old home, then you will know just how much of a pain old windows can be. They can be quite noisy as they don’t block out much sound, as well as letting in a lot of cold air (and likewise letting a lot of the warm air out). So to bring the home up to date and make it more energy efficient and modern, new windows are the way to go. Double, or even triple glazed windows, that are glazed PVCu can add a considerable amount of value to the home. So they should be considered if the current ones are in need of an update.

Enhance the Curb Appeal

When it comes to selling a home, first impressions do make a big difference. If potential buyers arrive at your home and are immediately put off by the driveway and messy front yard, then it can put them in a bad mood for looking at the rest of the house. So improving the look of the outside of the house, what is seen from the footpath, can make a big difference to the price people are prepared to pay, as well as how interested they will be in the property. So if tiles need replacing, get them replaced. If the house needs painting, then repaint the house. Weed the front yard and clean the driveway with a pressure washer. Keep flower beds tidy and enhance the look of the home with hanging baskets of pot plants by the doorway. All of these things are pretty inexpensive to do but can make a massive difference. 

Have you got any plans for renovating your home over the summer? Would be interested to hear what you have planned!

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