Working Out As A Stay At Home Mom

A recent study found that the amount of energy that the average toddler uses each day is the equivalent that an adult would use to contest eighty-seven rounds of a boxing match, or to run an entire marathon. Keeping up with them, therefore, is not an enviable task. You may think that a full-time stay at home mom would not, therefore, need to find time in her always busy schedule to workout. However, it is a great idea to do some exercise of your choice for a few different reasons. 

First, it is a fun way to take a break sometimes. As much as you may love your children, spending an evening with adults talking about serious topics can seem like it is all you’ve ever wanted. Combining this with exercise is easy. You could find a local yoga session, or take some classes at your local gym. Either way, you will be getting a workout while also meeting new people and making friends. Exercise also has the rather persuasive benefit of helping you reduce stress. It also helps you sleep better, both of which can come in handy when you are raising children. However, if you do not know where to start on your exercise regime, or you do not want to spend a lot of money, here are a few ways that you can keep fit while keeping up with your kids: 

Exercise tapes sometimes have a rather bad reputation. Firstly, the image of a person unironically miming the movements of someone who seems to be altogether too happy about everything can seem rather absurd in isolation. Secondly, a lot of tapes rely on celebrity endorsements to appeal to consumers. This is rather a cynical explication of our society’s fascination with physique. These people were chastised, either actively or passively, about their weight and therefore decided to create a weight loss narrative which they then monetize. Besides, who is to say that what worked for them will work for you? That is why you need to study the available tapes on sites like It is important that you get one that helps with the areas of your fitness that you care about most. The person doing the exercises should be reputable and knowledgeable. The rest is up to you. 

If you want to get out of the house for a while during the week, and if you can find someone to watch your kids for a few hours at some point, you could find a local jogging group or start your own with your friends. It is a good way of socializing while shedding calories. If you end up enjoying it, and a lot of people do since over 64 million did it last year, you may want to take it more seriously and start training for something like a marathon. You can raise money for charity at the same time too. 

Rather than leaving your kids at home, you can do exercise with them. There are lots of classes now that are specifically designed to accommodate mothers and their children, like yoga. It can help your child keep both their body and mind balanced, not to mention yours. 

How do you like to work out?

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