A Practical & Sophisticated Tote for Everyday by Urban Southern #MBPHGG17

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Every gal about town knows that she needs a stand out bag or tote to stand up to the every day hustle. These days, most women are constantly on the go and don't have time to waste being slowed down by a tote or handbag that just doesn't work for them. I have a beautiful collection of handbags, which I love, but more than half of them are simply impractical for everyday use, becuase they're too darn small to hold my belongings.

My husband has asked on more than one occasion, why on earth I need such a large tote or handbag. My answer is always the same- because I always wind up holding everyone else's things in my purse. On any given day, I'll find crayons, tiny toys, snacks, juice boxes, extra socks and the like in my purse, along with my personal items, as well. Small bags just don't cut it.

Urban Southern

Urban Southern is giving women everywhere the chance to carry a bag that suits their personal style, as well as works for their lifestyle- be it busy professional, work at home mom, etc. 

From Amish to Fashion to Empowering Women

The story behind Urban Southern is so special. What started out as a dream between two young Amish girls and best friends blossomed into a beautiful business which is now empowering women everywhere. Each piece of leather used has a story of its own. Their leather, which is a byproduct of the food industry, is sourced from local tanneries. Using clean, minimal design, they handcraft each one of their bags from full grain leather that hasn't been sanded down or processed. Authentic leather has a way of growing on you as you carry it, becoming a part of your life as it takes on the unique markings of your journey.

Each Urban Southern bag comes wrapped in a lovely box, perfect for gifting!

I was fortunate enough to receive a beautiful Urban Tote, a staple piece in any wardrobe. As I lifted the tote from its box, I was impressed with the quality of the leather. I have a lot of leather bags, and this is the softest one yet! It felt so creamy and smooth, just begging to be filled and carried. So many of my other bags are stiff and truly uncomfortable to wear or carry. There were some noticeable imperfections, which I actually love about this gorgeous tote. Natural wear will occur over time.

Is this not a beautiful tote?

The Urban Tote is the bag you're going to want to use every day! It's the perfect size to carry your everyday belongings and then some. Moms, you can easily use this bag as a diaper bag or to carry your younger kiddo's items. It's perfect for heading to the office or making your weekly run to Target.

Santa, Baby, leave an Urban Tote under the tree for me...

I placed a few objects in the tote, so you can see what it looks like standing up. It does have a rectangular soft bottom, so it stands up well when there are items insid. The straps are comfy, and wide, but not too wide that they take up your whould shoulder. What I love about this tote is that I can carry it and hip-carry Baby S on the same side. The tote doesn't get in her way or make her uncomfortable. Mommy win!

Brown Leather Urban Tote Details

A simple leather shoulder tote with clean details and a minimalistic style, the Urban Tote is a wardrobe staple to make your everyday simply extraordinary. When you simply need a good bag, this quality leather tote will sustain it’s timeless style through ever-changing trends.

• UPDATED FEATURE: Reinforced bottom
• One Interior Pocket
• Shoulder straps secured with solid copper rivets
• Shoulder straps measure 11 1/2″ tall when extended
• Tote Body Dimensions: 12” tall, 13.5” wide, 5” deep

The Urban Tote is handcrafted right here in the south from a single piece of locally sourced, full grain leather. You’ll notice different color tones as well as distinctive marks and creases that vary from design to design. This is a way to determine that your leather is truly authentic — it’s the real deal. Over time, your leather tote will develop it’s own unique story as you take it with you everywhere you go. Good, durable leather softens and becomes more beautiful with age and natural wear.
$225.00 - Available in black or brown

This bag could not be more beautiful! It looks great with everything- from dresses and skirts to jeans! I am thrilled to have this lovely bag and would love to be able to gift one to every gal in my family- it's definitely a must-have bag!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to Urban Southern to check out all of their gorgeous leather totes and accessories. There are lots of other beautiful leather bags, clutches and wallets to choose from. Sign up for the Urban Southern mailing list and receive a 10% off coupon!

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Special thanks to Urban Southern for allowing me to share about their gorgeous craftsmanship and leather goods. Look for them in our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

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