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What does it mean to live boldly?

When people hear the word bold I think everyone has a slightly different interpretation. Bold to me can mean strong, confident, vivacious, and even sometimes mean taking a risk. So then what does it mean to live boldly? 

Living boldly to me, at this stage of my life, means: 

*Having confidence in myself as a woman, a wife, and a parent. Of course, this is not always easy to maintain, but I strive to live this way every day. 

*Splurging every once in a while for an amazing experience. Jon and I recently went out to dinner and to see Billy Joel. We don't go out often, but being together 10 years warranted a fun evening out. 

*Trying new things even if they seem too new or scary. This is important for me, personally, whether it be a new craft, exercise, or hairstyle. New ventures keep life interesting and different. I believe this also applies to raising Hendrix. Sometimes trying a new way of learning, going to see something new, or simply exploring the outdoors in a different way can enhance his learning experience as well as my own. 

What does living boldly mean to you? 

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  1. Living boldly: well, you have to pursue your dreams, as best you can!


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