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Making New Year Resolutions: The Top Picks

Christmas is fast approaching, and while it can be the most amazing time to spend with family and friends enjoying good food and even better company, there is another element to the end of the year that could have perhaps crept into your thought process. New year’s eve. It is the time of year where we make promises for the year ahead. Where we vow to make changes, do things better, or improve things in some way. If you find yourself thinking about this and are at a loss as to what resolutions to set for yourself this year, then rest assured I have the top picks.

Losing weight

Many people like the idea of going into January with a focus on losing weight. After all, Christmas is the time of year of indulgence, and we can all be a little guilty of eating too many mince pies and enjoying the glorious food on offer too much. So it is understandable that the new year is the ideal time to shed some pounds and get trim for the year ahead. However, try and focus more on your lifestyle rather than putting yourself on the next diet craze. This helps you to sustain any weight loss while also feeling better about yourself.

Getting out of debt

Debt can be one thing that mounts up for people over the course of the year, especially at Christmas where you can feel the pressure to buy gifts and be extravagant. Of course, it is never advisable to wrack up the credit cards or use an overdraft but in the day to day living and paying bills, sometimes these things are unavoidable. That is why we need to ensure that we focus on the debts in the new year and make a plan to pay them off. To make this resolution successful, first focus on the debt costing you the most in interest payments. Or even consider consolidating them into one payment. This helps to give you a plan and reduce your overall spend.

Making home improvements

Maybe your home is going to get your focus next year, and big home improvements have many advantages. They can offer better living spaces, maybe even increase the value in your home, but often you need some funds to get you started. So you may be looking into using your savings or even getting a loan. Companies like Evolution Money have some great options to consider. A lot of people like to focus on their homes in the new year, and it may even lead on to other options such as moving house or relocating.

Other resolutions worth thinking about

There are, as you can imagine, lots of variations of resolutions to consider. But some of the then are smaller than others. You may want to think about giving up a vice next year, joining a gym which is always a popular one in January or even thinking of a career change where you take the necessary steps to have a new job or career purpose. Whichever you decide to do I am sure 2018 is going to be your best year yet.

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  1. These are all great ideas. My problem is sticking with resolutions!


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